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Apr 10, 2011 01:48 AM

Private room in Santa Monica for 35 people

Hi! We are looking for a place to host our rehearsal dinner. Should be about 35 people. Our only requirement is that we have a private room - we are open to all kinds of food. We would like to spend about $65/person including drinks. Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. La Cachette has a private room.

    1. To fit your budget, the upstairs private room at Border Grill would work.

      Border Grill
      1445 4th St., Santa Monica, CA 90401

      1. for italian food, well under your budget, C & O Cucina at 3116 Washington.

        1. Thanks guys - I will def look into La Cachette. I like BG - it turns out to be closer to $85 but that is still a possibility. And while I do really enjoy C and O their event menu is a little underwhelming. These are great suggestions tho. I was kinda hoping to find something with a little more wow factor but I am guessing it is impossible with our budget. We'd prob go up to $80 if anyone has any other ideas. Thanks for all the input! It's a big help!!

          La Cachette
          Little Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90067

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          1. re: KatieAnn

            maybe wilshire or fraiche. or amici or tavern in brentwood near sm?

            also, hungry cat is opening soon on pch/entrada. not sure when you're event is.

            1. re: dtud

              Hungry Cat is open.

              Don't think they have a private room, and would probably be over OP's budget.

              The Hungry Cat
              1535 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90028

          2. Chaya in Venice?

            525 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90071