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Apr 9, 2011 07:57 PM

Mexican recipes

Does anyone know any good sites for traditional Mexican dishes? No tex mex or the like, traditional mexican only.
It's so hard to wade through the watered down version of Mexican food, and I am sure someone here has a good site.


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  1. Not sure how authentic this one is, but I love the recipes....

    1. I just found this, Pati's Mexican Table
      She's been blogging awhile, but PBS just started showing her show.

      I also check Rick Bayless recipes, whether books or online

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      1. re: paulj

        +1 for Rick bayless

        and I have learnt a lot from here, techniques as well as recipes,

        1. re: andrewtree

          Another vote for Rick Bayless. He is not Mexican, but he had spent many years studying the food and recreating it here. And he gives recipes and techniques on line.

      2. what's traditional mean?
        I like this place,
        but your question is pretty subjective.

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        1. re: bbqboy

          Traditional as in something that would be served by someone's grandmother in Mexico, or grew up with.

          There is lots of things I grew up with in Canada, I'd like to experience what that would be if I had lived in Mexico.

          I find it more interesting than re-interpreted western European cooking.

        2. Also, you really need specific ingredients for it to taste right. Canada is certainly lacking in that area. I live close to the Canadian border and Canadians love to stock up on Mexican items here. We have a *huge* Mexican population where I live- and I love the food so I cook Mexican food at least twice a week. Hopefully, you live near a Mexican market for special chili's, dried spices, authentic jarred condiments, Mexican dairy and meat cuts. Makes all the difference in the world- and makes learning the cuisine easier because you will know what it is "supposed" to taste like. Also is nice to be able to ask (right there) what to do with certain foods. If you don't have access, ordering products over the internet might help, especially with spices or condiments (so central to Mexican home cooking).

          I just visited my specialty market and restaurant for lunch yesterday and picked up some groceries- flanken beef (thin!) and some pico de gallo dry spice. I will use some cilantro sofrito base in my rice (Mexicans use red and green bases alot) and I will make some refried beans with Panela cheese. With just those few ingredients as a focus (and my grill) a simple authentic Mexican dinner will be easy tonight.

          I love Rick Bayless, and have two of his books-but most Mexican home cooks don't cook like that :)

            1. re: paul balbin

              I love watching chucheman, he's awesome. In addition I like this lady:

              http://larecetadelaabuelita.blogspot.... who also has a youtube channel.

              En ingles, I like: