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Apr 9, 2011 07:34 PM

SFO T2 (Terminal 2) Grand Opening - Anyone get anything to eat there?

I went to the SFO T2 Grand Opening, but didn't buy any food. Did any hounds go?

Stuff I saw:
Burger Joint


Wakaba Sushi & Noodle

Peet's Coffee & Tea

Natalie's Candy Jar - they had samples of Sixlets & River Rock Candy, they were just ok. They have Tcho, See's, Neo Coca for sale

Pinkberry - tiny samples or full size to buy

The Plant Cafe Organic - tiny samples of some salad & chicken. They have salads & sandwiches.

Lark Creek Grill - fancy sit down place. Starter, main, desserts, drinks.

Napa Farms Market - Tyler Florence was there to sign his latest cookbook, the Tyler Florence area had roast chicken, etc, you can get Kara's Cupcake at the front of the area, Bellwether Farms yogurt, Acme bread is there (bread brought in from Mtn View bakery I heard lady tell someone), Cowgirl Creamery cheeses. LiveFirePizza - pizzas $9.95-10.95, Piadinis $9.95-10.95, Sandwiches $10.95-12.95

Vino Volo - you can get wine, take it on the plane (you would have gone thru security already), small bites.

Cat Cora - anyone try it?


Bellwether Farms
9999 Valley Ford Rd, Petaluma, CA

Burger Joint
242 King St, San Francisco, CA 94107

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  1. I went but was going out to dinner after. Vino Volo's wine by the glass prices are outrageous (12-18/glass).

    CatCora's place looked great, at least the raw bar and $7 small plates they were offering. And I was excited by The Plant's healthy menu with quinoa bowls and asparagus. The sushi also seemed perfect for taking on a plane, with nice little bottles of sake.

    Very nice to have Acme at the airport, to bring with. A big step up from the awful sourdough in a plastic bag that my uncle brought us from SFO a million years ago. There were still lots of terribly overpriced quasi-local foods at the "Napa" farms market, kind of a shame. A little local fruit would be so welcome.

    It's a pretty fantastic space. The only downside is the restaurants are all past security, so they're for departing passengers only.

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    1. re: Windy

      Yep was there this morning too. Pricey food but what a wondeful terminal. To be exact, these offerings would be for departing American Airlines and Virgin Airlines passengers only.

      The Wakaba sushi and noodle restaurant offers small bottles of sake, snapple, Heineken, Sierra Nevada, organic fruit bottled juice drinks (also sold at Nijiya and Whole Foods), Tsing Tao, Ito En green tea, Sapporo, Asahi.

      Was expecting the so called farmers market in the terminal as hyped by older news reports to be like a mini Ferry Building kind of mix, but oh well this is still a huge step up from what's existing.

      1. re: K K

        Here's the picture I took of the Wakaba liquid options. Yes, it's great to have an airport with sake, kombucha, and coconut water, right next to the tamarind agua frescas.

        Even Peet's had single cup drips set up a la Blue Bottle.

        Oh, and the Pinkberry fans finally got their branch on city property.

        1. re: Windy

          I had a 3 taco plate at Andale. Sort of disorganized, but probably good they were getting their trial runs down before people would miss flights awaiting the food. Speaking of the food, it was alright, and pretty much what you'd expect from SF Mexican (not mission taqueria style). . Wakaba looked good, but I wasn't in the mood for Japanese yesterday. All in all, an appealing place with plenty of eats choices.

    2. I flew out of Terminal 2 last week, and got there early to eat lunch and buy dinner for the flight and breakfast for the next morning.

      I tried:
      - a vegetable roll from The Plant. This would have been better if it hadn't been made elsewhere hours earlier. I really wanted to try a Plant Burger, but it didn't look like anyone had been cooking there. What's the scoop? This is the place I was most excited about being at the airport, but seems to have delivered the least.
      - assorted sushi and seaweed salad. These were fine; they're good airplane food, easy to digest. Next time I'll have the soup with noodles though, and eat it before boarding. I almost got one on my way home.
      - muffin from Peet's. I asked if they had a list of calories, since Starbucks has made me aware of how many more calories their healthy choices have than the smaller items. Peets found a nutrition notebook with ingredients, and I took a fruit scone.
      - Pinkberry was doing a bangup business. I got a small and some fresh fruit. This is good airport food too.

      Was tempted by Cat Cora, which is pricey, but busy. Everything is cooked to order, so better for sit down or items like their wraps to take on board.

      I debated an Acme bread, but the markup was too steep ($6+ for a levain that's $4.25 at my corner market). Ate my lunch, enjoyed the fun chairs, outlets, and free wireless. And loved all the recycling and composting on display.

      One side effect of the beautiful terminal design and all the amusements is that they kept paging people who apparently had checked in but hadn't boarded their planes yet.

      I really noticed how great Terminal 2 was on the return leg when I ate a horrid prepacked chicken salad I'd bought at JFK with an overpriced juice drink and $4.49 worth of processed cheese and stale crackers from American.

      I am actively flying Virgin and American over other airlines now, in order to have access to this terminal. It's really made travel enjoyable again.

      368 Santana Row, San Jose, CA 95128

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      1. re: Windy

        Before a late night flight, I had a snack at Vino Volo - I thought the price was fair for what it was, and it was tasty.

      2. We had breakfast at Lark Creek Cafe on our way out of town a few weeks ago. Food and service were very good and prices weren't that bad for an airport.

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Writing three years and a month and a half later doesn't exactly constitute a reply to the posting above.

          Went to Lark Creek Cafe because of a SF Weekly review that touted their fish sandwich as the best thing in the airport and because BART was speedy, and we got through security in about a minute--so lots of time before we had to board.

          Fish sandwich, ordered by my husband, was, indeed, good (over-cooked to me, but not him--a perennial marital divide--a nice roll and tartar sauce and a good little salad as accompaniment). He also got clam chowder, which he deemed OK, albeit not very clammy.

          But my $20+ shrimp louie arrived with tough, browning outside leaves of an old head of lettuce that even a beginner salad cook would know go directly to the compost bin or pet rabbit. I hailed the waiter. He took it back with no protest but no real apology either. After a while (not quickly--by now my husband was done) a new salad appeared, with beautiful butter lettuce and all the louie fixings. But overdressed. By a lot. I just ate it at that point (has anyone ever sent something back twice?), spearing and shaking dressing as best I could off baby shrimp. No waiter or manager stopped by to check in, given the earlier problem. And there was no adjustment on the bill or offer to comp a sweet.

          1. re: sundeck sue

            I tend to get a burger joint when I'm going through there. I've always liked the bit of sear they put on, used to drop by their Valencia and 19th store now and then, so it's nostalgic.