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Apr 9, 2011 07:22 PM

Paris Crepes Bistro in Niagara

Anyone been and have any feedback?

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  1. I went there back in October or November. I would just say it was ok. They were sold out of the special by 6pm, which is what I was going to order. I did end up having a crepe and it didn't have much filling in it and the crepe itself was kind of dry. My friend had the cassoulet though and that was tasty. It's still open though so it must be going over fairly well.

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      Thanks; I might pass on it then.

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        I probably would too, but, there are a few places on Queen St. worth trying. Mide Bistro is good, as is Taps for more casual fare. There is also a good little pizza place (I can't think of the name..) on Queen and the corner of a side street (the street isn't that big so it can be found easily). It's really small and not much to look at but the food is really good.

    2. Went to Paris Bistro for a very early dinner/late lunch.
      I had the asparagus soup; ethereal but a little too much potato and not enough asparagus for me.
      DH has cheese plate. Too many soft cheeses; I thought it would be more balanced (and so did he).
      We each had a buckwheat crepe; mine with ham, tomato and cheese. Texture was perfect, little crunch with chewiness. A little light handed with filling. I also think the tomatoes should be sauteed not cold as they make everything else cold in the filling.
      Shared a banana and chocolate one for dessert. Light handed filling too. Ambiance lovely; very attentive server.
      For me, the filling and asparagusness was a little on the light side, but I understand overhead and food costs so I don't think prices were unreasonable at all. If this place was closer to home, I'd be there weekly!

      On another note, our friends got a margarita pizza from Antica. Crust was good, but this is not a margarita pizza at all. No basil and cheese was perfectly evenly spread. Too bad; with a wood fired oven, there is lots of potential.

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