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Apr 9, 2011 06:19 PM

Hoop Cheese: is it still here?

Tonight I discovered that my husband has never had a slice of hoop cheese, that wonderful cheese that used to be in general stores, that the owner would cut to order and that always tasted really good.

The places I used to find it are far from east Tennessee.

Has anyone seen it in eastern Kentucky or Tennessee this millenium?

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  1. R.M. Brooks General store in Rugby, Tennessee
    Henry Flury and Sons General Store in Tracy City, Tennessee
    Ada’s Unusual Country Store in Bethel Springs, Tennessee
    Pappi’s Deli in Humbolt, Tennessee
    Apple Valley Farms Crafts and Country Store in Townsend, Tennessee

    1. ec Porters in London Ky
      food fair in Somerset Ky

      1. Mrs. Sippi keeps reminiscing about "Rag bologna and hoop cheese."

        Any chance of finding it in Huntsville, Al??