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Apr 9, 2011 05:02 PM


Anyone have this interesting creature in or around town? Looks interesting in an Andrew Zimmern kind of way....

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  1. Been wanting to try it just dont know where to get it at a restaurant. Ive seen it at an asian market on St laurent though for 25$ a pound. Just a little afraid of spending like 75$ on it and completely ruining it.And it strangely resembles a penis :>

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    1. re: jay_81k

      I believe a few Chinese restaurant serves them.

      Found this on google:

      It says Keung gee in a folder called Good eat in Montreal.

      1. re: vanierstudent

        I'm sure some Chinese restaurants serve it, but it wouldn't be listed on their menu, as it's not always available.

    2. The Kim Phat in Brossard almost always has it.

      1. On occasion, a Japanese restaurant will have some (mirugai) but I've never noted it to be that popular a menu item. Chinese restaurants, Kim Phat (Brossard) as Snackhappy has already indicated.

        Not particularly hard to prepare; a preliminary blanching will allow you to remove the sheath.

        1. The geoduck and I live in the same state : ) I grew up eating it. We sometimes go geoduck hunting, but they are fast! We always end up laughing ( you have to admit, it looks a bit nasty) and full of beach dirt before the day is done.

          The meat is especially great in clam chowder and I also like it in strips, then fried. Mmmmm..... geoduck!