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Keurig coffee machines - which is best?

After much back and forth, I have decided to buy a Keurig coffee maker. I know all of the pros and cons of single cup machines in general, and have decided to go with a Keurig. There are K-cup machines made by Keurig, and I have also seen machines made be Breville and Cuisinart. Does anyone have any recommendations for which is best?

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  1. we have 2 keurigs and a keurig frother.... one is the mini maker...you have to add water each time you want a cup....wouldn't do that one again...it has worked great BUT not convenient...
    our larger keruig with water tank is GREAT...has about 5 settings for cup size ...and heat levels..
    we use it for hot choc, apple cider and coffee multiple times a day...keurig customer service is AWESOME......they really come thru so i suggest going with them....If you love coffee drinks...the frother can't be beat!! LOVE IT

    1. I can't say anthing about the other machines but we've been very pleased with our Keurigs. We recently upgraded to the Platinum model which has nifty blue lighting as well as multiple cup sizes. We didn't think we needed the different heat levels. If you're unsure if you're going to like it, go with the base model. Ours served us well for many years of heavy usage. It had started to stick occasionally and since I had a big discount from Keurig through their coffee club for a new one we decided to replace before it died. Coffee snobs may sniff, but a fresh brewed cup in seconds whenever you want one? Changed our lives!

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      1. My reply will not be of much help. I have had three k-cup machines made by Keurig and all three went back to Bed, Bath & Beyond (BBB), The customer service there is wonderful. I decided after three attempts with the Keurig brand that I would try the Cuisinart brand. Loved it until the same problem arose which dealt with a failed pump. Exchanged it for another Cuisnart and this one has been working fine. My son has the Breville model ( since Christmas) and it is working fine. I think there must have been some bad pumps out there for a while. I enjoy my Cuisinart since it has an 80 oz. water capacity and some other features the less expensive Keurig models do not have.

        1. A family member has owned a Keurig for at least a year. She has had to take it back twice; she got replacements, but the second time (the third unit) she was told, "no more." This last unit does not produce a hot cup of coffee.

          I don't know if she has been getting lemons, or if the quality of some of the units has degraded. I like using her Keurig!

          I have wondered about the quality of the Tassimo models. Maybe they are better?

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            I am the op. I currently have a Tassimo machine which works flawlessly producing cup after cup of mediocre - poor coffee! The best Tassimo coffees are those made by Starbuck's and Seattle's Best, but Tassimo's contract with these is ending, leaving Gevalia the only drinkable coffee available for their machines. I have therefore decided to switch over to a Keurig machine...but, I am disturbed by the number of people who seem to have problems with Keurig coffee makers. I suppose I could get one from BB&B - they have amazing exchange/return privileges, but I'd obviously prefer getting a machine that works, ergo this posting. Is there any K-cup machine that has a good record for dependability?

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              I just had a problem with one that was a gift, received a little over a year ago. Keurig's great offer was they would replace it for half price! The way she told me was like I won a grand prize.

              Since I have an antique Mr Coffee and my most recent free Gevalia drip oldies in the basement (just in case) I switched back to the old way for a week until I discovered the problem (with the help of Keurig customer service, they were actually very helpful). What I was getting was a PRIME prompt, with no way to brew. Turns out, you have to CLEAN them out thoroughly every few months, something I never did with any machine in the past, not that I'm a slob or anything. You use a paperclip as a tool and poke out all the hidden dispenser holes for blockages. Then you have to scrub out the water container intensely; I was surprised how much muck was in there considering I use bottled water only.

              A final warning from me is DO NOT use the quick fix all over the internet of adding vinegar and running it through to fix this problem; I threw out a gallon of milk and a quart of half and half, plus some almond milk, before I realized it wasn't the dairy going bad but that you have to run the water into a big cup at least a dozen times before the vinegar is gone. This all took me most of this week, off and on, to figure out, and still not sure it's perfectly fixed but I made two cups this morning with no problem. However I can't help comparing to my $10 specials that have never given me a lick of trouble.

              But since your heart is set on it, don't let me talk you out of it. It's been OK overall.

          2. I have had the Breville model for at least three or four years and have never had a problem with it. Great for two people that like different kinds of coffee. It would really be difficult to go back to a conventional coffee maker again.

            1. I have recently upgraded to the Platinum model from the B-80. Both were bought at Costco. I bought back the B-80 after using it for over 2 years just because I heard the new models are quieter. Costco took it back for the noise reason alone and gave me the cash back. The guy behind the counter actually said he bought his back for the same reason. I recently purchased another B-80 for our another home because I love them so much. You do have to clean them with vinegar every few months if you use it every day, if you are using tap water or well water with a softener. Otherwise, I use mine all the time and would not change for any other machine. For entertaining, my guests always like having a variety of teas, coffees and hot chocolates to choose from. I do suggest buying it at costco if you can. If a newer model comes out in a couple of years, and you want to upgrade, they will take it back.

              1. I bought the Platinum maker from Costco last April for my husband. I had to take it back 2 months later because the pump failed. They gave me a new one which died the other day, so we're debating whether to exchange it for a third or just get our money back and buy something else. I did read reviews before I purchased the original and the pump failing was one of the complaints that kept coming up.

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                  I just spoke with the department manager at BB&B, and he told me that they have many more returns on the Keurig machines than on the Cuisinart or Breville machines. He was very partial to the Breville, which of course is the most expensive. However he did say that if I bought a Keurig, both BB&B as well as Keurig will stand behind it, and replacement would not be an issue.

                2. I've had a few Platinum Keurigs and loved them. The reason they went bad was the lime rich, heavy water in my area. I bought a new one and also got a Britta water filter and haven't had problems since. I suggest getting both at Costco. The Keurig there is not only cheaper than elsewhere but comes with many K-Cups to sample. But if you have water problems, get a filter, too, and only use its water for your coffee.

                  1. I have had 2 Keurigs... absolutely Loved them...still using the second one...the first one I gave to a friend and she is is still using it...We have had no problems with them nor has my son who received one as a gift. Another friend had one and had a problem with it...Keurig replaced it promptly! I have only wonderful things to say about the Keurig machines that I have had as well as the others that family members have

                    1. We've had umpteen single serve machines of all makes, and often more than one of the same type. After years of testing and tasting, and spending thousands of dollars on machines, coffee and antacids, we've concluded that for us (and clearly not everyone) Nespresso is the best of the lot. We use one of the original line of Nespresso machine (the Pixie) and are very pleased. When we want a larger cup of coffee, we add water and make an Americano. Truth be told, we are considering getting the newer Nespresso VertuoLine machine so that we can have both espresso and American style coffee from one machine.

                      1. We've had our Platinum Keurig for over a year. Bought it from CostCo when they had one of their deals, also got a generous supply of various coffee pods with it.

                        We read all the caveats about what water to use, so we've been diligent about bottled water only (in fact, distilled most of the time, which is what our instruction booklet said).

                        We like very different coffee styles, so the Keurig is a good compromise solution. We use the Cuisinart drip machine only for the 1st coffee of the morning, then Keurigs from there on. Amazon has decent prices, with free shipping, on the pods.

                        1. We've had the K145 for over two years now with zero issues - other than the noise. It's one of their "office" models, which, when I was researching the same at the time of it's purchase, were highly recommended vs. the other lines. The "office" ones are purportedly made of "stronger stuff", meant to stand up to more sustained usage. Specifically, they supposedly have a better pump - which, as mentioned here, are often the things that go first. Downside is that pump is a good bit noisier.

                          Of course (at least to me) they are all compromises... I went to roasting my own, brewing in my technivorm (most often), press or vac pot (when I had enough time), etc. Then we had our first child, and all of that sort of went by the wayside. ;)