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Apr 9, 2011 04:32 PM

Shanghai - Recommendations for a Special Dinner

I'm looking for recommendations for a place to take a few relatives to dinner in Shanghai. They are open to all variations of Chinese food, but their palates tend toward the less spicy -- they were born and raised in Shanghai. I'd like a place that is nice enough to make it a treat, but it does not need to be stuffy or flashy. It should be the food that impresses, not the environs. They have not eaten extensively around town, but I know that they liked Fu 1039. Any price is fine, cost is not a consideration.

I have some places on my personal list to try, but I have no idea whether they would fit the occassion: Xindalu, Jade Garden, JiShi, Southern Barbarian, Xiao Bai Hua, Sophia's.

I'm completely open to any suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. Surprised you got no response. Perhaps the time has passed, but if not:

    On your list I have been only to Xindalu and JiShi. Food at the latter was about the best I had on that visit to Shanghai. But it is crowded and bustling, although they do take reservations. For food alone, JiShi would win. I had good duck at Xindalu but service is less than great and the atmosphere is a bit sterile....

    Had a lovely meal at Fu 1088.. I wrote about these, and others, in a Shanghai report from early last year:

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      Yes the meal has already passed, but thanks for replying and for your original report. Jesse/ Ji Shi is a good rec. We ended up going there for a big lunch and everyone enjoyed the food. We saw a lot of whole fish on tables, but we pre-ordered and loved a fish head. It was a large portion steamed and covered with green onion. The other items were also well executed traditional presentations - no misses. The locals thought the Hong Shou was good but preferred the one at Fu 1039. In additional to the fish, I particularly liked the crab dishes (with tofu and with fen).