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Apr 9, 2011 03:41 PM

Lunch near the zoo

Heading down to NJ next week and we're going to try and fit in a trip to the Philly Zoo. Any good places to eat lunch within walking distance? Thanks!

Oh, and all types are food are boys love to eat!

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  1. There is a place called Cochon Noir (BBQ) in that neighborhood. But I've never been. Perhaps someone else can give more details?

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    1. re: BelgianBeerMistress

      It's a jazz club that serves some good Memphis-style ribs and other things. I don't really think it's a good place for kids, and you definitely would not want to walk there.

      Unfortunately, the zoo here is a bit of an island, there's really nothing to walk to.

      1. re: barryg

        Is Chocon Noir marked any better at this point? I tried going out there shortly after opening.
        We drove around for about 45 mins trying to find it, to no avail.
        It also seemed priced quite high, but that was shortly after opening.

        Wondering if anything's changed and it's worth another try.

        1. re: tfalbo

          Haven't been in several months but when I did, it was hard to find and prices were high for some of the items. However, there was live music and no cover charge. Also, it was BYOB but they may have a license by now.

    2. Yes, it really isn't a walking-lunch kind of area. If you give us an idea of your route, we might be able to recommend something not too far off your path for before or after the zoo.

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      1. re: oliviasaru

        Barryg and Oliviasaru are correct. You have several neighborhoods that are within driving distance. The Fairmount/Art Museum area, or West Philly both offer some good food that you and your boys would enjoy. But you are better off eating before or after going to the zoo. This zoo is more comparable to the Bronx Zoo ie in the middle of now where, as opposed to the National Zoo right on Connecticut Avenue.

        Perhaps others can suggest some restaurants in Fairmount/Art Museum that would be good for children who are adventurous eaters.

      2. Brewerytown (Girard btw the zoo and Girard College) is starting to be developed but not the nicest neighborhood yet. The only place of note is Mugshots, a cafe that has decent sandwiches and baked goods. I would drive to West Philly for an adventure. There are a lot of really good ethnic places.