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Apr 9, 2011 02:50 PM

Cafe Dolce Amore Delray Beach

this review in the Sun Sentinel

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  1. I was always under the impression that their breakfasts were better than their dinners. I haven't gone yet but I'm interested in what chowhounders currently think. Did you go last night?

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    1. re: OysterHo

      I just tried this place last night for the first time and it was fantastic. Technically it was not my first time as I had a sandwich here for lunch about two years ago. The sandwich was fine but nothing that had me racing back.

      Well last night we had a wonderful dinner here. I regret passing this place by for many years. Especially since I used to live a half a block away.

      We didn't have any reservations and were trying to avoid all the hassle of Atlantic so we decided to give this place a shot. Our table started off with the calamari which was cooked perfectly and came with a side of marinara and pesto. The pesto was out of this world and was great to dip bread in. As for the main dishes, my wife had the veal scallopini which she said was absolutely delicious. My dad had the salmon salad which came with a generous amount of salmon which was covered in that great pesto. My mother and I had one of the nights specials. It was pretty much a combination of eggplant and chicken parm with a thin layer of ricotta cheese in between. The portion was absolutely massive and incredibly delicious to boot. I will probably get close to three meals from my leftovers alone.

      Honestly, the server could have been a jerk and I would have loved this place. The food was that good. Luckily this was not the case at all. The server was friendly, attentive, and very helpful.

      This place is an absolute gem. If you've passed it by like I have be sure to check it out. Plus it's nice to be able to go to a restaurant without having a 19 year old hostess scoff at you when you say you don't have a reservation. I can definitely see this becoming my new go to Italian place in delray.

      1. re: OysterHo

        My wife and I still talk about the Clams & Mussels in Brown Butter Sauce appetizer we had there. The rest of our dinner was quite good but that dish was truly memorable! If they have it on the specials list when you go, we can't recommend it enough.

        1. re: LiveRock

          Actually I think that was the appetizer special that night. We should have ordered it. No worries though as I definitely plan on returning.

        2. re: OysterHo

          Looks like they have closed their doors...

            1. re: CFByrne

              That is a shame. It sucks I had only recently discovered this place. Though I'm not exactly shocked. Their food was very good though whenever I walked by they never seemed to have too many tables filled. Hopefully something good will take its place in that location.

          1. they frequently have $50 groupons for $25 which is a great deal for this restaurant.

            1. Coming soon to this vacated restaurant space...

              A new venture from Joseph Boueri, of "Joseph's Wine Bar", currently across the street.


              Joseph's will remain as is. This will be a completely different, second restaurant, and NOT focused on Mediteranean, as is Josephs.

              Meanwhile... in the seemingly never-ending saga of the "coming soon" Papa's Tapas, a few door down... construction is back in high gear. I had thought a few months ago they were almost ready to open. But it almost seems as if someone had a change of heart and they're ripping it apart and starting from scratch again.

              And in the same 300 foot vicinity of Pineapple Grove... I've been enjoying some really good meals at Brule lately. I Ignored this for a long time as it was mostly take out when they first opened. But there's some good stuff going on here.