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Apr 9, 2011 02:04 PM

Non-traditional fudge: sweetened condensed milk vs evaporated milk + marshmallow cream?

So other than the traditional softball/cooling recipe, it looks like these are the other two popular fudge recipes.

Which one do people prefer for chocolate fudge? The condensed milk looks super easy, and I was just wondering how it compares to the other "fantasy fudge" recipe

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  1. I make chocolate fudge with the sweetened condensed milk & chocolate chips, vanilla & salt. Super easy, very tasty. It is a dense fudge. I also make peanut butter fudge with the evap. milk & marshmallow fluff. It is a much lighter, less-dense product. Both are tasty, but I prefer the chocolate's taste and texture.
    And, yes, I know these are not "real" fudge, but they are quick & tasty. I make them only at the holidays or for special events (on family request) otherwise I'd eat way too much of it.