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Apr 9, 2011 12:11 PM


I'm a new member of the Chowhound forum. I joined a couple of days ago and I need your help.
My wife is very ill and requires a completely "organic" diet.
We are not wealthy and I cannot afford to shop at Whole Foods.
I use Trader Joe's in Edgewater or the Shoprite supermarket in Palisades Park to buy fresh "organic" fruits and veggies, and I also find a limited selection of organic packaged and frozen foods in these stores.
My wife is only permitted to eat "red meat" once a week, and, I am having a helluva time finding organic "beef", "lamb" or "pork" anywhere.
"Coleman" organic frozen chicken and Trader Joe's organic hamburger meat is readily available.
Can anyone suggest any meat markets, fresh produce stores or food stores that are located reasonably close by to Edgewater and carry a decent selection of "ORGANIC" products?
I also travel once a week to RIDGEWOOD... so any food stores, fruit & vegetable markets or stores that have a large selection of organic "packaged" goods that are close to ROUTE 4 - between the Ridgewood exit and all the way down Route 4 to the George Washington Bridge would be fine.
I would be very grateful for any suggestions and recommendations.
Thank you.

Trader Joe's
725 River Road, Edgewater, NJ

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  1. I believe that by utilizing Shop-Rite and Trader Joe's, you are indeed already on your way to securing the best nutritional choices for your wife. Paramus (Route 17) also has a Trader Joe's that you may like......sometimes different stores carry different items. Since Shop-Rite tends to have the most competitive prices, maybe the butcher at Shop-Rite could help you find the organic beef lamb or pork at a fair price. I know that buying organic meats online is an option, but it is quite pricey. I hope that your wife feels a little better soon and that you do OK as well.

    Trader Joe's
    725 River Road, Edgewater, NJ

    1. Goffle Road Poultry Farm on Goffle Road in Wyckoff has some items that you may be interested in.......just a five minute drive from Ridgewood.

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        1. re: Zabar

          I don't think Goffle is organic, truth be told.

      1. You might want to consider a food Co-op. There is a large one here in NJ.

        1. Fairway in Paramus carries organic beef. As does Whole Foods.

          1. "We are not wealthy and I cannot afford to shop at Whole Foods".
            Please don't be short sited and give up on Whole Foods for your organics. I agree that many products will cost more there but we find that if we stick to the store "365" brand, they are almost always less than the organics at Shop Rite and often less than Trader Joes.
            I agree that you do need to know your prices and compare but for organics you may find many of their own items to be your best value.

            Trader Joe's
            725 River Road, Edgewater, NJ

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            1. re: dkupersmith

              I think 99 out of every 100 people who claim that WF is crazy expensive have never done any sort of scientific comparison. It's a shame, because they are missing out, and probably spending more than they need to. LOL!

              1. re: tommy

                With all due respect to "dkupersmith" and "tommy", the prices at Trader Joe's in Edgewater for organic fruits and vegetables are usually about 30% less than the Whole Foods store in Edgewater, for the very same organic merchandise.
                I have found that the Edgewater Whole foods store has a very limited selection of organic fresh fruit and veggies, and, never has the organic blackberries that Trader Joe's always stocks. WF's prices for dairy items (cream cheese, eggs, etc) is always much higher than TJs.
                Whole Foods is fondly referred to as "whole paycheck" in our household. However, I agree that the quality of many other (non-organic) items that are sold at the WF stores is excellent, and, if anyone is financially able to afford to regularly patronize a WF store, they are certainly enjoying the experience. Zabar

                Trader Joe's
                725 River Road, Edgewater, NJ

              2. re: dkupersmith

                I have found that the non-special produce at WH is somewhat steep, but the specials are comparable to the supermarkets. Meat prices are on a par with a butcher shop. Frozen foods are often a bargain. Groceries in general are slightly more than the local supermarket, but the difference is minimal.