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Apr 9, 2011 10:45 AM

Lemon Verbena sources?

Any suggestions on where to find lemon verbena in the Miami, Coral Gables area?

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  1. fresh in market, plants, or seeds?

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      1. re: OCEllen

        I've looked at the Whole Foods at Sunset Place, South Miami, a couple of times and haven't seen it., and the clerks in the produce area had no idea what I was talking about.

      2. I have not found lemon verbena fresh in any of the supermarkets.

        I have found several sources of dried verbena and mail order plants?


        1. If your still looking, I just went to HD and they they had some small cuttings there. I think I may buy one since it seems hard to find. So if you don't buy one, just ask again and if I don't kill it, I may have some for you in a couple of months.

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            1. re: jpr54_1

              Home depot. The one I saw it at was the one by the Falls Mall in Pinecrest. Us1 and sw 134st. I went to one up in sunrise on university and they didn't have any there.

              1. re: Auger

                I just bought one at the HD at us1 and 32 ave in Miami, but be gentle with the leaves. I went to pull off a leaf that something was eating at and pulled off the top 2" of the plant. So next time i'd use scissors when cutting off leaves.

                1. re: Auger

                  Thanks for that tip!

                  I finally made it over to Home Depot (Kendale Lakes area). They had lemon blush (Melissa officianalis), but no verbena.

          1. i found lemon grass at yellow/green -
            market in hollywood

            lemonbalm has a great flavor- it can be substituted

            have u tried garden web website

            i will be going to market on sunday and will ask merchant if she can get lemon verbena

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            1. re: jpr54_1

              Lemon grass is different too. (I get it at Lucky Oriental.)

              But please don't go out of your way. It was for one recipe that I have no great desire to try now.