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Apr 9, 2011 10:15 AM

A Surprise Trip to Nice, France

My wife's birthday is Friday and I am giving her a surprise trip to Nice, France for next weekend. She is a genuine food lover and Chowhound enthusiast (she has promised not to log on for a few days while I do my research!). She isn't a fan of super fancy dinners; no need for Michelin stars. She adores simple, high quality restaurants -- small, local, traditional. Does anyone have any good recommendations for Nice? Thank you all so much! -- Chris

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  1. "no need for Michelin stars. She adores simple, high quality restaurants -- small, local, traditional."

    One of my fave little restos in Nice just got a star, sorriest, but I will recommend it anyway: Flaveur. It is simiple, high quality, small, local. Traditional? Local niçois specialties tend toward the deep fried and the stuffed, with aubergine never far behind. Flaveur is more inventive, and lighter, than that, without being avant garde weird.

    For traditional fares, since we were staying in a (great) rental, we loved to get ravioli farcis from the old town. But if you stay in an hotel, this won't work. Barale Raviolis - Vieille Ville de Nice
    Barale Raviolis, Rue Ste Reparate.

    1. Bistro Antoine, great food, very small, right in the old town. The owners are always there, very friendly once you get to know them. Actually cooked pigeon just for me - remembered me from a visit the prior year.

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        Thank you very much, Parigi and n.o. lover -- I really appreciate your help, and please holler if you ever need Paris or Beijing tips.

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          Am hollering: I I live in Paris but would love to keep up with the latest cool eateries in Beijing, which is not covered by this forum. How can I get in touch with you?

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            Your trip was nearly a year ago. So how was it?

            "Please holler if you ever need Paris or Beijing tips."

            Am hollering again.

        2. Last September I had two very good dinners in Nice, Flaveur just got one star. Found them in Fooding.
          La Part des Anges, 17 rue Gubernatis. A wine shop/wine bar also bistro. Not large but lot of fun and good food. A local politician who serves in Paris was in that evening, and many of the guests knew him. More details:

          Flaveur, 25 rue Gubernatis, More upscale place, excellent food and service.

          1. my son and wife live in nice and we visit there every year. last year they took us to
            Parcours LIve Restaurant, Falicon
            1, place Marcel Eusébi, Falicon 06950
            it is definitely off the tourist map, but worth the visit. if you can get there before the sun sets you will have a great view of the city. after dark you can look down on the twinkling lights of nice.
            we loved the food and the ambiance
            bon appetit

            1. just found this site which offers a lot of local restaurants and seems to be a good site for you to look at.

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                Yeah, this guy seems to know his stuff. Written in a professorial sort of way though