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Apr 9, 2011 09:00 AM

tofino meals

Will be at the Wickanninnish for 2 nts. A friend told me to have lunch at the Pointe to appreciate the view is better than dinner as it gets dark. But we are going in June, so if we have dinner around 7 or 7:30 is the view gone? Also, where to eat the second night?

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  1. The sun sets at around 9 pm in June - so you should be alright...and it should be spectacular.

    I haven't gone, but I keep hearing good things about Norwood's in Ucluelet.

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      I seem to "following" fmed around this morning (smile).

      Agree with his assessment of the view at that time of the year. We usually head out to Tofino just prior to or after Thanksgiving at which time your friend's assessment is "spot on" and in any event since we rent a house down the beach, we are more likely to go for a leisurely lunch rather than dinner in any event.

      Not a lot of other options. SoBo in town or perhaps the Spotted Bear or Shelter and as fmed recommends Norwood's but I too do not drive during the evenings and so have not tried it either as it, the restaurant at the Boat Basin and the spot adjacent to the interpretative centre at Wick Beach (as distinguished from Chesterman Bach where the Wick Inn is) are not open for lunch when we travel.

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        Recently opened in Tofino is the new Sea Shanty which is now being run by Chef Margo Bochon. Had a lunch there that was scrumptious and can't wait till the start their dinner menu. I expect it won't be high end but rather really simple good food at reasonable prices. Great location on the water too.

    2. There are quite few options depending on what you're looking for. Check out this thread:

      1. Sobo is probably your best bet for a 2nd dinner in Tofino. Shelter is so-so; both times I've been recently have been mediocre.

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          (It has been a couple of years since my last trip to Tofino. Our family used to go every year). Shelter feels like a Cactus Club (and I believe one of the original investors of CC is/was an investor of Shelter). Sobo is a good quick lunch spot for freshly made tacos etc. I don't know how it'll hold up for dinner though.

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            Sobo is a higher-end full-service sit-down restaurant now. You are probably remembering when it was a take-out trailer place :)

            Last time I was at Sobo (last weekend) I had an excellent bouilabaisse chock-full of fresh local seafood. The day before we went to Shelter and had a very mediocre cioppino that was mostly crushed canned tomatoes. And they couldn't cook their double-cut pork chop anything less than medium-well, which made for rather dry experience.Shelter does have a larger menu (Sobo has only 5 mains to choose from plus a daily special) but I find Sobo takes the cake.

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              Sobo had just moved to their "new" place in downtown Tofino the last time I went - so yeah, perhaps my intel is a bit dated.