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Apr 9, 2011 07:07 AM

Chowhound must provide better ways for members to upload photos!!!

I've been noticing lately that a number of chowhounders, including myself, have been having trouble uploading photos in their posting. After wasting quite a while doing all the work, the process terminates half way through wiping out ALL the posting write up and photo uploading effort!! THERE MUST BE A MORE EFFICIENT AND MORE SECURE EFFORT!!!!!!!!!!
Our time are precious!!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I find it pretty easily done. I just right click on my picture and save to my"desktop". When uploading onto to chowhound, and it say browse, I find it on my desktop. Takes about 30 seconds for me.

        1. I've never uploaded a photo before, but I guess I'll try it and see if it works (without bothering to save it to the desktop, just finding the photo on my hard drive)...

          EDIT - yes, it works, and it only took four seconds to upload. The process did not terminate for me, worked just fine. I'm not doubting that you encountered a problem of some sort, but as another data point, I didn't. Did you try it a second time?

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          1. re: nsxtasy

            Sme here, I upload all the time with no issue. I am not sure what the OP errors are, but so far the process seems really straight forward.

            1. re: nsxtasy

              It doesnt happen all the time, but it does happen and when it does it is annoying.

            2. Hi all,

              I've only uploaded a pic a couple of times but it didn't take long and nothing hung up.

              Maybe it has to do with the size of the pic the OP is trying to upload or the speed of his internet connection?

              Editing to add: I follow the same process as nsxtasy - just find the photo on my hard drive and upload from there.


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              1. re: I used to know how to cook...

                I have NO PROBLEM uploading a picture or two, however, try uploading pictures from a multi-course tasting menu with a dozen or sop photos and you'll find not only it takes forever, there's also a chance the uploading might fail half way through!!

                1. re: Charles Yu

                  Hi Charles,

                  That might be the problem - trying to upload too many pics in a single post. I remember one post I read where the person uploaded four pics, then uploaded the rest of them in subsequent posts.

                  Maybe there's a limit on the number of pics per post?? I don't know, just guessing...


                  1. re: Charles Yu

                    There's a rather cryptic message in the attach photo section that says "File limit of 10 megabytes"

                    At first I thought this was per photo, but I am guessing it may be the limit for all photos. If you upload six 2 megabyte photos, the upload fails because the limit is exceeded.

                    The inelegant thing about that is that the file limit isn't calculated as you add photos. It would be nice to get a message such as "file limit exceeded". Instead, it just craps out if you exceed the limit.

                    Also, the closer you get to that 10 megabyte load, the slower the upload. I also suspect there is some sort of server disconnect that happens also.

                    If you reduce the size of your photos, this is less likely to happen. A free program like Windows Live editor will allow you to decrease file size. As far as photo size, on Chowhound it has no real impact as far as I've seen.

                    1. re: rworange

                      You are on the right track. Especially with newer digital cameras (with sensors of more than 4mb) they will generate .JPG's with (sometimes) multi-million pixels. Any decent photo editing software will have a function that will enable you to size images for "web viewing", taking a multi-million pixel file down to a file the size of 100K pixels or less.

                      For example Photoshop Elements, which can be acquired for less than $100 has a function under their File drop down menu called "Save for Web" which automatically pairs down the file size. This, of course, is also a function of higher end photo software, such as Photoshop CS5 (but that requires a much larger investment in money and time.)

                      1. re: ChinoWayne

                        Windows Live photo editor is free if you have Windows and I prefer it to photoshop which I hated during the trial. Windows is a lot faster and more intuitive ... and free.

                        My cheopo Canon has an option to resize, the problem with that is it shrinks the photo which makes it diffiult to edit. I always edit first and the last step is resizing for me.

                      2. re: rworange

                        I saved this info from Chow HQ that was posted when the current photo limits were realeased a year ago:

                        "The optimal resolution for photos on chowhound is 72 dpi. ... Try to save your photos no bigger than 400K and choose 520 w by 390h as the max dimension for optimal results."