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Apr 9, 2011 06:07 AM

Edison Place in Glendale (in Von Westernhagen's old space)

Hello Chowhounds,

There's a new place in Middle Glendale at the corner of Cooper Avenue and 71st Place (known as Edison Place prior to the Queens street numbering system being put into place in the 20s).

I haven't been yet though it looked pretty sharp from the outside when I drove by. Their website makes it sound promising:

Has anyone been yet? There's one review on another site that sounds a little self-promotey.

Love to hear if somebody's gone.


Glendale is hungry...

Edison Place
71-28 Cooper Ave, Queens, NY 11385

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  1. Has anyone tried this place? Is it any good?

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    1. re: EM23

      No, i haven't yet, but maybe I will this month. I walked by it a couple weeks ago and thought it looked really nice -- the beer list seemed a little fancier than other places in the area...