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Revival Market

OK, who's been there? Was it fun? What did you buy?

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  1. My dear friend, and Mexico traveling buddy, Steve of Rancho Gordo beans and more in Napa, just told me that Revival Market is going to be carrying Rancho Gordo products, definitely including the heirloom beans. So I'm really eager to go and check it out and see what it's all about.

    I'll join Zorra in asking if anyone has already been there and, if so, what did you think of it?

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      Question. What is Revival Market and where is it located?

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        Jaymes, see here:


        This is on my agenda for this week. Last week I visited Nundini Market, not too far away and wrote about it under the gelato post.

        This looks like a great and unique place. I'll post my impressions, but I'm prepared to be impressed.

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        Jaymes, Smitten Kitchen has found your friend's Rancho Gordo beans!


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          Interesting. Thanks for that. I'm going to email him a link. Not really sure he'd see it otherwise. He couldn't find it with a google, I don't think, since she doesn't mention the brand - just that photo.

          And speaking of Revival Market, and Rancho Gordo, my new RG obsession is Felicidad Chipotle Salsa - you can order online, or they sell it (along with several other RG salsas) at Revival Market. I love it.


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            I made it there today and the selection is staggering! (bean corner pictured). I bought some that were described as "pinto like" to be safe! I didn't recognize the types, but I love beans in most any form. I also bought a bag of wild rice which made be blink when they rang it up at $10.95.

            I picked up a bahn mi for lunch, which they do a great job of. Side of wheatberry salad. Would have preferred the roasted jalapeno mac salad they were selling in the cooler, but no luck on the lunch combo. The sides are all pretty "Summer of Love" like. Groovy man.

            Oh, and I picked up some Galveston salt for $3.95!

            BTW, I was also looking for Scalfani canned tomatoes. they don't stock canned tomatoes. Any ideas where I can find them, anyone?

        2. Been there, its a great place for a casual lunch, good coffee.

          1. Stopped by this afternoon but they were closed for repairs.

            1. I have been a couple of times. Purchased Slow Dough baguettes, Rancho Gordo hominy (posole), some cheese, and duck rillettes. They have many items that are available at the Houston Farmers' Markets; they also have fresh meats, fish, and bakery items.

              1. I finally went in last week and had the andouille sausage Banh mi. It was really good. I got stopped by a train, a loooong train, on the way back to my office south of I-10 and ended up eating half of it waiting for it to pass. Sandwiches come with a choice of sides: sumac flatbread, ginger lime slaw or local baby greens with vinaigrette. The banh mi with side was $8 - good price, I thought. On the other hand, the jarred items like pickles and jellies seemed very highly priced. The organic veggies looked, well, organic, which is to say, not very pretty and a little elderly. It's a small space, with a meat case displaying a few pieces of meat, like procuitto. I will go back for the sandwiches again. And to pick up some of Jaymes's dear friend Steve's heirloom beans!

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                  Ive been there ... had the shrimp salad sandwich that was disappointing, but would gladly try the banh mi. I also bought (but was disappointed by) the pickled carrots. The Slow Dough breads were fabulous, and their charcuterie is worth waiting out the train. If you twitter, follow Rebecca Masson, who bakes those incredible bacon choc chip cookies. She tweets on her way there, so you don't miss them -- they sell out fast.

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                    Those beans really are wonderful. They're so fresh and tasty that you don't have to do much to them but simmer them a while. I used the cannellini beans to make some Pasta e Fagioli the other day and my son-in-law acted like he thought the soup was getting in the way of the beans!

                    Also, as I noted on the "lard in Houston" thread, Revival Market had some beautiful white fresh lard when I was in there. I think this place is a terrific addition to the Houston food scene.

                  2. Planning a hajj there tomorrow.

                    Any updates I should be aware of?

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                      Well, don't forget to walk seven times counter-clockwise around the center display case while offering thanks and praise for the beautiful and righteous and pure white lard.

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                          First, it's a pisser to get to. Coming on I-10 from the west, we had to pass Heights and hook a U-turn back to it. To come back, I had to go east again, hook a U-turn to get to an on ramp. Gotta Love Living in Houston! ;-)

                          For lunch, I had the "Revival Dog", with Lawnmower Mustard Potato Salad. The dog was very good, a marmaletsa sausage, (I think?), a green tomato relish, and the big disappointment of the visit, two inedible chicharones. C'mon guys, every carneceria in town knocks 'em out of the park. I was looking forward to them, but when chewed they turned little flat sheets of shoe leather. You can do better. The potato salad was good...(But not as good as mine.)

                          Sat in front of the big picture window looking over the charcuterie curing room. Best seat in the house!

                          To bring home: two Italian Sausages, One Chorizo, a bag of James' friend's Heirloom Cranberry Beans, a tub of old style butter, (which I tasted on I-10 on the way home-yummy), and last, but certainly not least, a half pound of the prettiest creamiest white lard you ever saw.

                          Cool little place. It's out of the way for me so I won't be a frequent visitor, but knowing me as well as I do, I wouldn't be surprised if I suddenly found myself with a lot more errands to run in that general vicinity.

                          We'll see.

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                            A great report, as always. And boy are you right. It IS a pisser to get to!

                            And even after you're there, navigating that miniscule parking lot was no tub of creamy white lard, either.

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                              How did I miss a charcuterie curing room?

                              1. re: Lambowner

                                Well, it is a small room...

                                ...but VERY richly appointed!

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                                Think you meant Mangalitsa pork sausage. Got a big craving for the Revival Dog now...

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                            Interested to hear what you think of it.

                          3. Finally made my way to Revival Market yesterday. I hadn't gone because I knew exactly where it was and it seemed too small to offer much. Yesterday I was in the area so I thought I might as well stop by. Maybe because my expectations were low or just because it's a gem of a little place I too will be making up errands in the Heights. My favorite find; Rancho Gordo pinquito beans. I haven't had these since I lived in Central CA where they are a staple. Couch potato cookies (bacon, potato chip, & possibly oats) came in 2nd.

                            1. I wander by every now and then (especially if I stop by Penzey's), but today they had the best selection of Rancho Gordo beans that I've seen there. It's also very convenient to buy Anson Mills grits and cornbread in small amounts. And of course the lard.

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                                Speaking of Rancho Gordo beans, I've got it on pretty good authority that Steve Sando, of Rancho Gordo bean fame, is coming to Revival Market for some sort of special "do" on Father's Day, June 17th.

                                I think the final details are being worked out, so don't know exactly what time, or what all will be served...

                                But I think beans are a safe bet.

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                                  Got all the info on the special RANCHO GORDO DINNER, this Sunday at Revival Market.

                                  More here: http://revivalmarket.com/2012/06/06/0...

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                                    Hey Jaymes, don't I remember you telling me that Steve is a friend of yours?

                                    If so, I assume you went to this?

                                    If so, please dish!

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                                      Wow...just saw this.

                                      Indeed he did visit Houston, and the dinner at Revival Market was really wonderful. Those folks are trying so hard to put out a quality product. The place is small, but they moved things around, pushing display cases against the walls, and, including inside tables and outside tables, wound up having room for about 40 folks. It was a sell-out, and received rave reviews.

                                      I forgot to take notes, and didn't take any photos, so my "review" ain't worth much.

                                      Here's a much better one: