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Apr 8, 2011 07:41 PM

50th Birthday Dinner in Santa Monica

I'm trying to decide where to celebrate my 50th birthday with my best friend (who is flying in from DC).: Fig or The Penthouse (@ The Huntley). Or maybe you have a suggestion? I'm looking for swanky and delicious and close to home (SM).

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  1. Valentino? Or Melisse?

    1. Swanky and delicious? Close to home? You've just described Melisse.

      1. Melisse. The Carte Blanche menu. Check out the website (menu varies somewhat). A great experience, and way, way, way beyond The Huntley or Fig. Valentino is also a good choice, but Melisse is generally considered to be the superior of the two. Still, Valentino has one of the greatest wine lists in the world, and if you druthers are leaning towards Italian, that's the place to go.

        1. The Wilshire would be my first choice. Penthouse has the right atmosphere, but not the greatest food or menu. Another idea would be Whist at the Viceroy.

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            +1 on Whist. The patio is pure swank. Very good food & wine list.

            Agree on Penthouse, and it gets crowded when the DJ gets going.

          2. Between Fig and Penhouse--FIG.

            Valentino is great and so is Vincenti.

            Melisse might be the most "Michelin-ish" in Los Angeles.

            You could scarf a 5 lb. lobster at the Lobster.

            If your "friend" from D.C. might end the evening as a "significant other," Michael's outside patio is one of the most romantic tables in town.

            As is outside at Wilshire, but not quite. Still another good choice.

            This board tends to dislike Giorgio Baldi but that is another possibility if you love Italian.

            And lastly, while very expensive and maybe not the BEST food, Capo feels like a celebration venue.

            Vincenti Restaurant
            11930 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90049