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Apr 8, 2011 05:08 PM

casual but delicious between UVA and Manassas

We'll be headed from Charlottesville, VA to Manassas on Saturday evening. Looking for something casual but good for dinner. I'd like to keep it under $75 for 3.

Any ideas?

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  1. Hi Neighbor is a place in old town Strasburg that will transport you to circa 1949 with some great fried chicken and green beans, etc. There's a small strip of authentic old store fronts including a book store, a fun store, etc.

    Otherwise - Applebees?

    1. I can't vouch for it personally but the Barbecue Exchange in Gordonsville gets excellent reviews-- super casual I presume and certainly less than 75 bucks for 3. Closer to Manassas is Afghan Famous Kabob (in Gainesville-- a slight detour, depending on where in Manassas you are going). Very cheap and pretty decent Afghan food-- extremely casual (no waiters, order at counter). There are a few higher end places in Culpeper but I've not been to them.

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        BBQ place sounds good, but it's probably too close to Charlottesville for our timing this trip. If my son decides to attend UVA we'll have to try it next time we're down.
        I'd forgotten Culpepper, there must be something there. Thanks

        1. re: lblau

          If Smoking Joe's is still there around Gainesville, then that's an option. Pulled pork is good. The beans are fantastic. Note that you're in a parking lot, but on a nice day it's a good stop.

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            We ended up in Culpepper, at 'Hazel River Inn'. We were headed for 'It's about Thyme', but a little too early for their dinner hours.
            The Hazel River Inn was casual, but the prices were a bit higher than casual (28 crab cakes, 18 chicken breast). They do tapas Thur-Mon and the descriptions made them look worth a try. We were in a hurry (which my kids had to remind me of after we sat), and they were very accommodating about getting us in and out quickly. Some of the below may be due to the rush.

            We had, Shad and Roe, Blackberry Chicken and Wiener Schnitzel. The first comment one son made was that all 3 plates looked the same, The garnishes were fried strips of sweet potatoes, 2 plates had purple cabbage, 2 had spaetzle, etc. Nothing was bad, though the rice under my fish was too wet and fairly tasteless. Everything was a little bland, as if the chef were afraid of salt and pepper.
            I'd never had Shad roe before, and had always wanted to try it. When my meal came, it was a pile of crumb topping on some combination of the fish and roe. The restaurant wasn't that dark, but I couldn't really tell which was which. The flavor was meaty, but slightly bitter, not at all what I expected fro roe.
            We saw desserts delivered to another table and they looked good and the eaters seemed happy with them.

            We probably won't go back, even to try the Tapas.

            1. re: lblau

              Never dined there, but its normally Shad Roe - as the rest of the fish is riddled with bones throughout. Has a grey color and a fishy liver flavor. Definitely an acquired taste.