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Apr 8, 2011 05:01 PM

Steakhouses in Northern Michigan

Hi all,

I realize this is off the beaten path for most but I'm in need of advice for a steakhouse in Northern Michigan. Preferably something closer to I-75. I'm moving to the Virgin Islands so i'll be surrounded with seafood but will have to scratch around for meat. So, barring a steakhouse, a nice restaurant that does a lot with meat would also be very cool.


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  1. Northern Michigan is a big area. Can you narrow it down? Which town?

    1. Hi tkserino, I agree, we need to know how far north on I-75 you're referring to. Your timing will affect the choices available as well. Several fine dining restaurants in northern Michigan close for the winter season and do not re-open until mid-May. Is that too late?

      1. We have had excellent beef at Bennethum's on Old 27, just south of Gaylord at exit 279 off I-75.