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Apr 8, 2011 04:58 PM

What cheese do you get for the cheese course?

I never know what to say when asked what types of cheese I want to for the cheese course. Are you supposed to name specific cheeses (tillamook cheddar, stilton, etc.), or just general categories (blue, semi-hard, sheep, etc.)?

Are there any cheeses to avoid? Do people generally go with imported cheeses?

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  1. I always ask them to recommend a cheese(s). Never a better time to try something new.

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    1. re: ferret

      Ditto. In fact, most of the time I'll ask for a recommendation on everything. Sure, I know what I like (In this case, soft and semi-soft like brie, mozzarella, reblochon and saga), but I'll leave it to the pros to know what's good among the things they have. Yes, they may just recommend the expensive ones, but odds are they'll be among the best.

    2. Depends a lot on your audience. If small group with esoteric tastes, go for the strangest thing in the best shape, plus a gentle perfect gooey. The larger the group the safer to play it.

      1. I think they mean categories... Impossible for you to know what they have.

        1. I like to make something up and then act astonished that they don't have it.

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            I love it! I only know a few really good cheeses. One of them is Epoisse from Burgundy, France. It is the insider's insider cheese (unless, of course, you are in Burgundy!) Really stinky, but really tasty too. So I do the same....put a real snooty look on your face and say " No epoisse?...really?"

          2. We usually try to get one blue, one sharp, one soft, and one semi-soft. Some, like Humbolt Fog, take up 2 categories (blue and soft). Just had a Tomme de Savoir; VERY buttery and wonderful!
            And when in doubt, ask the opinion of your server/cheese person.