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Apr 8, 2011 04:40 PM

Farm Eggs in Hamilton Area

My parents recently moved from Toronto to Hamilton, leading me to discover all the farms selling directly to the public. However there seem to be quite a few that sell eggs, and I can't differentiate from websites.

I don't really care about the organic designation but I am looking for orange yolks and freshness and if I can find it, chickens being allowed to roam free outside the barns.

I've never had a proper egg like my mom describes from her childhood, so I'm determined to buy a few dozen and do taste tests.


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  1. Just ask the farmers, via website or in person, if their hens get out even in winter to get scraps, seeds, worms, seedlings etc. The true orange yolks may not happen until spring, but the color can be induced by feed such as marigold or carotene, in winter.
    Most farmgate sales are honest, straightforward and from hens with quite a bit of freedom. The freshness and firm shells will make your purchases worthwhile.
    Good luck in your travels!

    1. I know what u mean about orange yolks, that is what I have been trying to find myself. In mexico a few years ago at the hotel I stayed at all I ate all day was their orange eggs. I gained 20lbs. when I got home but the taste is like nothing you can describe if you have not had them. Well maybe...they taste rich like liquid gold and fresh rich cream. I have tried so many farmers and markets and they either didn't have them or like a few lied. If I find any I'll be posting the info after I eat a I hope I hear from someone else who is lucky enough to find them. But you are so right..most people have never tasted a proper egg.. good luck to u also