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Apr 8, 2011 01:43 PM

Stand mixer recommendations?

Can't believe that I've only used a hand mixer for nearly 40 years. I'm salivating over Kitchen Aid stand mixers, but get bleary eyed over the various models. Recommendations? I mostly do desserts, but also love baking bread. However, I don't really mind doing bread dough by hand (find it soomewhat cathartic). Does this mean maybe I don't need a stand mixer at all?

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  1. I love my KitchenAid stand mixer and use it often. It makes pizza dough in a flash. In know you can make bread dough in this mixer but I've never tried since I also have a Breadman bread making machine.
    I have the attachments for making ice cream, meat grinder, pasta roller and ravioli maker. The pasta roller and ravioli maker are a waste but the ice cream attachement is awesome. I love making my own ice cream and this makes is so simple. This stand mixer is a work horse and will do any job you need it to do. I can't speak for other brands but I'm glad I got the KitchenAid. Once you start using a stand mixer, you will NEVER go back to a hand mixer again.

    1. I love my KA, so I don't think a model is where I would change anything. It would be the size. If $$$ were no object, I would get the largest capacity bowl. Mine is great, but when I am adding flour or anythinig extra into my bowl, it doesn't have much overhang. I would also get an extra bowl, because in baking, sometimes there are recipes that I need two bowls and I have to clean the one I have to continue with my recipe. I hear the ice cream attachment is great, but I wouldn't use it. Enjoy!

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      1. re: mcel215

        You would if you tasted Ben & Jerry's Heath Crunch Chocolate or Cherry Garcia. OMG. Awesome.

        1. re: The Drama Queen

          Well, I should have added that I have a Cusinart Ice Cream maker. Thanks. DQ.

          1. re: mcel215

            mce1215: I have the Cuisinart in my RV. The KA has a bigger capacity; 2 qts. as opposed to 1 1/2 with Cuisinart. Both make great ice cream. Now get yourself a copy of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream and Dessert book and have fun.

            1. re: The Drama Queen

              I know I should, but it's just me at home now. But, I am here at my son's and staying with my grands while he and my dear DIL are away for the weekend. I thought about bringing my IC maker, but forgot..... oh well, summer is on the way. Thanks for the recommendation on the book, DQ. :)

              1. re: mcel215

                mce1215 It's just me at home now too. I live alone and cook everything I eat and yes I make ice cream. I LOVE ice cream, and if you can buy it you can make it. Treat yourself like you matter.

                1. re: The Drama Queen

                  Thanks DQ. I do cook everything too, you can check out my blog too, it's listed under my profile.
                  My sister would perfer sweets/ice cream instead of a meal. Not me, I love just a little taste of something sweet after dinner.
                  But, I still have the Ice Cream maker and Easter is coming, so I'll give it some thought. Perhaps a nice ice cream cake. :)

                  1. re: mcel215

                    OMG, I took a look at your blog and found the perfect solution to my problem of what to bring to a pot luck breakfast I'm invited to attend next week; Mark Bittman's Winter Citrus Salad. Perfect. Okay so it's no longer winter, but the salad will be great. Thanks for leading me there.
                    I too had a food blog (Chew On This) til I decided a couple of months ago that I was a slave to it. Gave it up. I like yours.

                    1. re: The Drama Queen

                      Thank you. I just started a couple of months ago and it's a bit of a hobby, cooking and photography. If I feel slave-ish, I'll give it up also...... I want to keep it fun. :)

                      BTW, I love that Citrus Salad and Mark Bittman. ;)

      2. Still dithering about specific models. CostCo has an upcoming sale on the Professional 5.5 qt one for (I think) $250. That one gets decidedly mixed reviews. The other I'm considering is the Artisan. What do ya'll have?

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        1. re: pine time

          KitchenAid Professional 600. Compromise to a Hobart N-50.

          1. re: pine time

            i have the artisan...
            but then i dont really make bread in it either...its more general all purpose mixer..
            i think if your going to do more breads i would go with bigger and more power....
            if u are only doing the occasional breads..the artisan might be enough...

            1. re: pine time

              Hey, pine time - wondering how you know about the upcoming sale at Costco - and if you know *when* it's going on sale? I've been considering this splurge (which I hope will be an investment). I think all stand mixers - well, all appliances, actually - are a gamble today, w/the transfer of manufacturing out of the US. At least w/Costco, I'd have their excellent return policy (which I would double check before buying, to make sure THAT hasn't changed.

              I have done everything by hand, fr making bread to well - whatever I want to bake. I would so like a stand mixer to make things easier!

              1. re: threedogs

                threedogs: no real secret--just received a CostCo coupon booklet for sales from 4-14 to 5-8, and the KA is listed, so I went on their site to see the regular price. And you're right about their generous return policy, so it may be worth the splurge and then use the heck out of it for a few days/weeks to see if it holds up.

                1. re: pine time

                  Woo-hoo!! I think I'll be buying myself a belated birthday gift! I *think* I can afford it (there is always the occasional emergency that might crop up, but this deal is too good to pass. Esp. w/the ice cream maker! Easter is going to be great at my house this year - I have a lot of pain due to a disability (never can tell what part of my body is going to go for a few days, a week - or more). My kids have become so much more concerned for my health, and want me to go easy on the cooking (which, translated to my 'language', means baking, lol). As long as I don't get a dud, I'll have the most fun I've had in years, lol.

                  Love creating foodstuff! Will post after I get & use my baby - thank you SO much for the heads-up about Costco. I think I'll be there when it opens on Apr. 14, haha!

              2. re: pine time

                I'd wait for the Bosco AS800 or the AS1200. They are made by an Australian company and are not sold in America, but I heard they will be in a couple of months. Comparably priced to KitchenAid machines, but from what I understand, more powerful and much higher quality. Besides, they come with a ton of attachments inclusing an integrated blender. I have a friend in Australia who has both and two KitchenAids as well. He swears by the Bosco models.

                1. re: DManzi

                  Pretty slick looking. Can you give a price estimate?

                  1. re: Westy

                    They say the AS800 will be around $300, and the AS1200 will be around $450, at least that's what I hear. If you go to PJ Fusco On The News, they're the company importing them and they will have all the news.

                    1. re: DManzi

                      I'm intrigued by this mixer - but this company that's importing them looks really strange. Nothing like a little politics mixed in with my kitchen appliances, lol.

                      1. re: threedogs

                        The company runs several divisions from what I understand, one is an import division. Anyway, I wrote to them and they said the Bosco AS1200 is $389.95 and they're taking pre-orders. They also said the machines may be featured on QVC and in retail outlets in the future, but for now they are selling direct to the customer. Hope that helps.

              3. No contest if money were no object- The Hobart Legacy Counter-Top Mixer with all the bells and whistles. However you might have to take out a second mortgage to afford one. Hobarts have been the gold standard in every restaurant I have ever worked in- tough and versatile with a gazillion available attachments. Some of those machines were in use daily for 20 years or more and never broke down.

                I just googled this model for pricing- around $4500- $5000!!!! A guy can still dream, can't he?

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                1. re: LorenM

                  Live your dream, Loren, but that's way out of my budget! Hubby even thinks the KA is ridiculously expensive.

                  1. re: LorenM

                    The Hobart N-50 is less then 1/2 that brand new and the N50 are frequently found used for under $1000 on Ebay.

                    @Pinetree, if you can get the KA Professional for $250, its a great bargain.

                    1. re: LorenM

                      Do you actually need a commercial mixer at home?

                      1. re: MacGuffin

                        There is a difference between necessity and "would be great to have". If I had one, I certainly would use it but I can get by without it.

                        1. re: wekick

                          Oh, believe me, I'm aware of the difference. It's just that a commercial mixer, albeit a countertop model, is beyond even where I'd go. I guess I can't conceive of baking enough of anything at one time to make it workable. Out of curiosity, what's the minimum amount something like that could process effectively?

                          1. re: MacGuffin

                            I have a Kitchen Aid commerical mixer with the lift bowl and mine is a 6qt bowl.

                        2. re: MacGuffin

                          I have a Hobart A-120 12qt at home. Found it on CRaigslist for $295. Now I can do 8 pumpkin pies at a time.