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Apr 8, 2011 01:17 PM

Downey's Santa Barbara

I have friends going up to SB for a romantic getaway weekend, and they have asked me for a restaurant suggestion. It's been forever since I lived in SB, so I want to make sure I'm not leading them astray. I used to love Downey's -- can I still send my friends there? I remember it being wonderful...but it was so long ago, I just don't know.


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  1. I wouldn't. I find it staid and stodgy.

    Send them to Julienne or Petit Valentien instead.

    1. Downey's is a favorite special occasion restaurant. It is casually elegant, takes exceptional care in its preparation and provides special attention to its service with its over all sense of refined and genteel hospitality. When we save it for special occasions we always say we need to come here more often because it is always a highly pleasurable experience. Do not write is off - it is a serious dining option in this town. And yes, I think it is one of the most romantic dining settings we have in town.