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Apr 8, 2011 01:12 PM

Columbus/Fort Benning

I'm going down in a few weeks to visit my boyfriend who has been in basic training at Fort Benning. I'm looking for restaurant recommendations for a nice meal with his parents as well as a place where he and I can get beer and nachos that is not an applebees or chilis.

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  1. We are traveling to the area soon for the same reason, and so far I've had trouble finding recs. I'm looking for something regional -- that we cannot get in Northern Calif. Re BBQ, I've read about both Country's Barbecue (three locations in Columbus) and Macon Road BBQ -- good? Any recs? Thanks. -- Jake

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      I like Macon Rd BBQ a lot. We typically get there as a lunch stop on trips to the FL Panhandle. There's the Cannon Brewpub for beer/nachos. I haven't been there much since I did a good bit of work there several years ago. I remember a nicer restaurant near Cannon but I forget the name.

      Rose Hill Seafood has limited days open (Wed-Sat, IIRC) but they're great for your classic seafood shack type meal.

      I also used to hit a taqueria on S Lumpkin that was very good. It's in the last strip mall before the golf course and Ft Benning. There's a mercado next door and a Caribbean mkt a few doors down.

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        Ted, thanks for your helpful reply.

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          Thanks for the response! I saw that Cannon Brepub is only 1/2 a mile from our hotel, so that will be great!

      2. Reporting back: We ended up at "Vintage 222" in Columbus. It was very good -- I supose it might be called "fine southern dining." And the room, an old butcher shop, is delightful. PS: Later, in Atlanta, we enjoyed "South City Kitchen." -- Jake