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Apr 8, 2011 01:09 PM

People's Kitchen in Worcester

Thoughts? Has anyone been?

I went once about 6 months ago and thought it was pretty decent. Not too expensive. Menu not too extensive (good thing) and well executed. Ambiance was nice.....little separate rooms, although the initial room they wanted to seat us in reeked of cigar. Almost *too* quiet (no music playing at all?). I may be going back next week, so I was wondering if there were any opinions out there???

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  1. I reviewed it a month or so ago here and Yelp. Our initial reception was off and a little unsettling..the valet was not there and they told us to park in handicapped until someone would park it..didn't sit right but I had my 88 year old Mom so had to park somewhere..The smell of the cigar bar bothered us. The waiter was amazing... Food was good...gritty glasses made it unpleasant to drink our wine....I would not go back BUT would also not say don't go..too many other choices IMHO in Wormtown....

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      Hmmmm, concerning. I suggested it as a possibility to a colleague who is organizing the event. I'll let you know.....

    2. We will be in Worcester on Tuesday of this week...any suggestions of where to eat? We will be over by WPI.

      Armsby Abbey sounded tasty, but the small space and no reservations were a slight turnoff. TPK sounded good until I read this! Baba Sushi also sounded tasty. How about Bocado?

      We are open to many different types of restaurant, good food is the key.
      Any advice is appreciated.

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        Baba is amazing. We liked Haiku as well. Sole Proprietor has good food, nice wine and should be easy to get into (with a res) on Tue. We had a res on a recent Sat. and waited almost an hour.

        Sole Proprietor
        118 Highland St., Worcester, MA 01609

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          Baba does sound good...I checked out the menu. Do you think we need a reservation? Anyone else have any other rec's?
          Thanks so much!

      2. I had a different experience than phelana...we went on a weeknight after a special event with a group of 10 and had a great dinner. we parked around the block (everyone was ok with the short walk) and we were seated in the main room upstairs. i'm usually very sensitive to smoke smells and i sensed none. I'm betting the smell is more obvious on the weekend evenings when the cigar bar is busier...

        the food was delicious, more on the comfort food side of the spectrum (vs. something super creative), but it was done very well. i was happy with the wine selection as well as the cocktails. i didn't have an issue with dirty glasses, but i'd suspect that would be easy to correct with a quick ask to the wait staff?

        the atmosphere was just what we were looking for - good food but not stuffy. there were a number of families dining that night, which surprised me but the kids were all well behaved. i like that it's accessible and not just a "special occasion" kind of place. i'm definitely looking forward to going back to try it again, the menu changes so often that it looks like it will be a whole different set of choices!

        1. I have seen both phelana and your review of the place before. I have been there three times and have all been good but not "knock your socks off" excellent. I review on food, cleaness,service, and location. The food has always been good, no complaints there. It was clean, but the cigar smoke can be a bother if you go there at certain times. Service is good, kinda chatty but helpfull , which speaking from a former waiter, is a good thing. Location can be tricky. I grew up in worcester and by the username ...on shrewsbury st.I remember Shrewsbury st when it was just a couple Italian-American restauants. I wish there were more places like this in downtown. We need to support places like this, I I just went to Ceres bistro this past weekend and I thought was very good. I saw phelana review of TPK and her mother's dislike of her burger at Ceres. I had great food and service. I usually will give a restaurant two/three times before I give a review. I say go to TPK and think of it as if you never went there before. Then after your dinner , then compare it to the last time you were there. I would't go because of parking(the restaurant hires a valet service,if you have a problem , I would take up with the valet service , not the restaurant and dirty glasses. Even the best of the best, have off days.

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            i'm glad to hear you enjoyed ceres - i'm waiting to give it a second try as i had a very mediocre lunch experience a while back. now that it's nice out, the patio is calling to me!

          2. I've been to TPK three times for dinner, and overall I like it. The weeknight 3-course meals for $20 are a great bargain. They do a lot of things right -- for example, they buy whole animals and try to actually use them, making their own charcuterie and whatnot. The service is usually very good, and the space is nice. The smoke bothers me sometimes, and not others.

            They have a great wine/beer/drinks list from the very cool bar downstairs. I'll keep going back just to support life downtown.

            As for Ceres, I've had three very nice dinners, a great breakfast and a terrible lunch there. Nice menu, nice space, and some dishes really rock.

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              we are giving Ceres a try Easter Sat. night dinner. Cannot wait...