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Apr 8, 2011 12:49 PM

Al Fresco London

It's fast approaching that time of year again and I have to ask - where do you recommend for an al fresco evening?
Previous attempts by me have included the Regent's Park Café (annoying staff and got locked into the park), Daphne's roof terrace in Camden (sat one table away from a lunatic diner who took pictures of everyone and made a fuss about things), Somerset House Terrace (full, didn't book) and L'Artist Musclé (sat next to a couple callously plotting their adulterous affair, very dispiriting).
But there must be others . . .

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  1. i used to like inn the park (near trafalgar square entrance to st james park) but had a few bad meals and haven't been back for food for a year or so. has anyone been recently?

    tas ev is often my default outside option as its big enough that you often get a table - under the arches and outside just off the cut at waterloo

    the rooftop bar above the orrery on marylebone high st is nice for a treaty drink

    1. The terace on the top floor of the Oxo Tower has a fabulous view. The food is OK, but not wonderful. Brindisa at South Ken has a couple of outside tables. Lola Rojo has a small terrace on Northcorte Road which is fun for people-watching and eating good tapas especially Saturday lunchtime. If you're feeling flush, or if you stick to the excellent pasta or risotto and desserts, the River Cafe is pretty stunning.

      1. The rooftop at Boundary is a great spot with views over the City.