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Apr 8, 2011 12:13 PM

Weekend in Boston with kids

With 2 kids ages 11 and 13. Staying in the Financial district and hitting the usual tourist spots (aquarium, science museum, Fanieul Hall, etc)

Looking for some good suggestions for a brunch, Italian in Northern End, Chinese in Chinatown area, maybe something funky or unusaul. Good spot for a lunch. One kid eats anything, the other still hasnt wuite broken out from burgers/chicken fingers/pasta phase.

Will be there over Easter Sunday if that changes anyone recommendations.


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  1. from the science museum i'd head up cambridge street to east by northeast for interesting asian, or to court house seafood for great fish and chips. if you are driving or want to take the bus up cambridge street into inman square, kids might like all star sandwich bar. peach farm is a good chinese stop in chinatown and you can make reservations. windsor is delightful for dumplings/dim sum type chinese food but you can't make reservations and the wait can be excrutiating on weekends. pizzeria regina is usually a hit with the kids and good enough to please the adults. if you want fancier italian i'd go with prezza but that's a costly stop. for breakfast, unless you want hotel buffet brunch or upscale such as at mistral or sel de la terre, i'd go to Mike and Patty's. Great food, great little place. And for something funky that the kids might like, try Penang (Malaysian food, cool funky decor, and you can be both adventurous and safe at it)

    sel de la terre
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      Great reply ... Kids always love Pizzeria Regina and I also recommend Penang!
      Maybe China Pearl could be good for you in the Chinatown area.