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Apr 8, 2011 11:29 AM

4 p.m. Saturday Baltimore

Okay the kids are out so where should two Baltimore parents go for a few hours to eat, drink and unwind? Name three places you like to spend your late Saturday afternoons.

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  1. Without a doubt I'd go to Grand Cru at Belvedere Square.

    You can order off the menu at Grand Cru or enjoy something from one of the other places while sharing a bottle of wine at Grand Cru. I think the bottles are well priced and it has become my favorite place to unwind.

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      Great choice. Good cocktails, too. And whilst drinking you can eat anything that's sold at Bel Sq -- sushi, smoked things from Neopol, Atwaters soups, etc. -- not just the tasty bar snacks prepared at Grand Cru.