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Apr 8, 2011 10:24 AM

Bullfrog Mpls open?


Anybody know if Bullfrog is open yet? If so, any feedback? We are looking for someplace new for after the home opener this afternoon.

Go Twins!


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  1. Looked far from it when I walked past on opening day. I thought I had read they would be opening in early March so they would be ready by the season... Don't know what happened with that timeline

    Strib Article says Mar 1 opening:

    1. Unless something major happens they should be open the day after Easter. April 25th. I got hired as the dishwasher and they said they'd open on Monday so you can come there after the Twins Games.

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        The opening date got pushed back to Wed or Thur. So it's gonna open really soon. Something about gotta get permits or something like that.