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Apr 8, 2011 08:13 AM

Give me your favorite cake recipes that call for oil only for the fat

I live in a very remote part of the world where I cannot get butter, margarine, or shortening. Seems like almost every cake recipe in my cookbooks calls for ginormous amounts of butter. Does anyone have any tried and true recipes for cakes that use oil and not some kind of solid fat? I already have good recipes for a chocolate cake, an apple spice cake, carrot cupcakes, and a lemon yogurt cake, but would like to expand my repertoire. Thanks in advance!

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    1. re: visciole

      I can only get vegetable oils like soybean or sunflower oil here. In olive oil cake recipes, can you use different oils and have acceptable results?

    2. Johnson City, TN??? :)

      Here's Hazan' polenta shortcake with raisins, dried figs and pinenuts. It's fantastic, esp. with a dollop of Greek yogurt.

      1. Assuming you can get ricotta cheese (and it does not have to be nonfat, regardless of what the recipe says), this blueberry crumb cake is delicious, and I would think you could adopt it for other fruits.

        1. Chiffon cakes are oil-based and are supposed to be light. (as opposed to carrot cake, etc). I'm intrigued but have never made one.

          1. As julesrules said, chiffon cakes use oil. Or, you could go fat free with angel food cake.

            If you're looking for a specific type of cake, that would be more helpful. There are a lot of good oil based cakes.