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Apr 8, 2011 07:50 AM

Best Chinese Seafood Restaurant

A search of the board was too scattered to help. Looking for recs on freshest, best Chinese seafood dishes (doesn't matter which part of China) .

Whole steamed fish, best shrimp, fresh crab stir fry, scallops, etc. If I can pick the fish out of the tank myself, even better.

Willing to drive within the Metroplex.

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  1. Kirin court's night-time menu (not dim sum) has good seafood... Whole steamed fish Hong Kong style, whole crabs, lobsters (i'd skip this though, they might slip you a fried one), all out of the tank. They also have the dried seafood dishes, a bit on the expensive side. Shark's fin, abalone, and sea cucumber. This is a Cantonese cuisine restaurant.

    Also I like Royal Sichuan's whole fish dishes, there are many to choose from. The fish is better quality if ordered whole--in alot of the shui zhu yu or yu pian (sliced fish) dishes, you get a catfish esque fish. But the whole fish dishes are beautifully presented, Tilapia I think. I like the Golden Valley fish wish is a variant of the classic "boiled fish" but with a whole fish stuck in there--not everyone's cup of tea. The fish in hot bean paste and the fish with diced chilis is also good.

    Hong Kong Restaurant
    9055 Garland Rd, Dallas, TX 75218

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      Great recs, thanks. We have been for dim sum many times to Kirin, would be cool to check it out at night.

      1. re: Jon G

        I linked to the menu. =] It's a totally different ballgame at night. More Hong Kong banquet style dining.

        Hong Kong Restaurant
        9055 Garland Rd, Dallas, TX 75218

    2. Although I don't know of any Hong Kong style seafood restaurants of the type that proliferate San Francisco, I'd give Caravelle a try. Their food is a bit pricey for Chinese in Dallas but, very good.