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Apr 8, 2011 06:49 AM

State of Vancouver Food Blogs 2011 – The actual post…

This is an interesting read about the take on the State of Vancouber Food Blogs of 2011. This is written by Kim Ho of I'M Only Here For The Food. The link to the blog post is here:


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  1. For a different view, you may follow the comments on chowtimes. Ben has replicated Kim Ho's post. Very interesting drama unfolding.

    1. Cool! Thanks for the morning transit reading! I think the scene needed a bit of shaking up, first with the Vancouver Street Eats blog and now this :) I hate groupthink and believe that any issues, criticism, hatred, conflict, etc should be delved into and discussed.

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        Good point !

        But I'm just waiting for this thread to be locked. Or deleted.

      2. Brain dump cuz I don't have a blog to express these things:

        Wow, that was a nice read. I think I'm more in Kim's side cuz I've been peeved at how chummy blogs like Chowtimes get with restaurants. How objective can you be when you get into bed with the restaurant? I've felt it myself, getting to know Bo a bit at can you not? He's a great guy and you really feel for him and see that he's putting his heart into his food. It makes it really hard to criticize the food when you're so close to the restaurant and its people. I still think he makes the best roti canai and laksa in town, but the rest of his stuff....well... But anyways, that's why I don't follow Chowtimes cuz I always feel that Ben's getting special treatment at every place he goes. EVERYONE should be getting that same special treatment! What's the point of a restaurant setting up a special dinner for a group of foodies when a regular joe can't get the same thing walking off the street. We should all be treated the same.

        In regards to those f**die tours: In one tour I went to, four out of five of the restaurants I wouldn't consider worthy if you genuinely have a love of good food. Plainly, the operators are simply exploiting the situation for financial gain. There's tons of people willing to pay for a f**die-type deal, and there's restaurants wanting to take advantage of social media and the growing f**die trend. Is the food good? Is the food special? Those questions don't seem to be a priority. But since doing the tour once, I'll go back to doing my own personal f**die tour, thanks very much.

        Even though I understand Kim's POV, I find it really hard to read the part where he personally calls out some Chowhounders and bloggers. For me, food and the enjoyment of food is at the centre of my being. To have that criticized, to have your morals criticized, that would be really hard to take. But then, I believe that honest communication is best and it's great that these issues have come out into the open.

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        1. re: flowbee

          Kim's post reads very much like something done after 11 pm-if you get my meaning.

          1. re: Sam Salmon

            After 11pm is the best time to surf all the food blogs [beer in hand], innit ?? LOL.

            1. re: LotusRapper

              Exactly what I was thinking! Plus I thought the verbal attack on Greyelf was ridiculous.

              1. re: Quattrociocchi

                yeah, it sounds like an angry, drunked post but he sat on it for a month before posting, so he really means it! :D

                1. re: flowbee

                  Having met and dined with both Kim and Ben, I have great respect for both of them. Therefore, even though I was mentioned in Kim's rantpost, I have no wish to take sides in this. I just have to say I agree with Kim on one point...there are some brutal photo blogs being passed off as food blogs. Regardless of your photo skills, if your going to blog about something, learn about it and have some valued insight.

                  BTW, Kim don't drink.

                  1. re: kgb1965

                    Yeah Kim doesn't drink so definitely not a result of drinking too much LMAO

                    1. re: eescorpius

                      Not sure what you mean, eescorpius. There was an insinuation that he was drunk-posting...I was just trying to shut down that kind of innuendo. Kim laid out a lot of points. I agree with one or two, but on the whole, I think he is waaaay off base. His main attack on Chowtimes is frivolous and completely uncalled for.

                      All of this is very difficult for those who have met both Ben and Kim. They are both very good bloggers and good, decent people. What I read today stunned me. It should never get this personal. Kim was never attacked personally. To take such offense makes absolutely no sense. To disparage someone of Ben's integrity is utterly ridiculous.

                      BTW, this is a drunk-post.

                      1. re: kgb1965

                        Same here. I know both and am really disappointed at what has transpired. I don't want to take sides; BUT, I really cannot associate myself with any post that looked like that yesterday. Food is about bringing people together, NOT tearing them apart. Life is full of important things, food blogging is such a minor part of it all. In the grand scheme of things, you would not want to lose your family, friends or your health. Food blogs? So insignificant. We can't take it this seriously. Okay, now where to eat now? :)

                        1. re: kgb1965

                          kgb1965 I was just agreeing with you because I know he doesn't drink =P

          2. While Kim makes some valid points, his message was lost because of the uncalled for personal attacks.

            It reminds me of this

            1. I think it's insulting to the general public that KimHo thinks that we will take whatever bloggers say at full value. Does he really think we are so stupid to not take things with a grain of salt when it is FULLY disclosed that the bloggers are benefiting either directly or indirectly from a positive post? I have worked in the restaurant business for over ten years and I will be the FIRST to admit that we will do whatever we can do have people come through our doors, and come back again. Would Kim consider it "selling out" if sth were wrong with his meal and it was comped?? Where do you think concierge recommendations come from? It's because restaurants shell out thousands of dollars a year to take care of that they consequently take care of us. Either Kim is really naive, or really idealistic or just a full on id***.

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              1. re: yuyu

                Totally agree with your take yuyu & JEheartbreak. Most people have BS detectors and I thought that Kim's post didn't give food blog readers enough credit.

                All people have biases and are very present in the blogger's posts so like foodosopher below, I read blogs that are in line with my preferences and that I enjoy. When I detect BS I don't read the blog.

                It's a shame, Kim does bring up some valid issues. The fact that he sat on the post for a month before releasing it makes it more disappointing. I enjoyed reading his perspective on food in Vancouver for the past 1.5 years.