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Apr 8, 2011 06:46 AM

New Vegetarian/ Vegan Products

Tried this South African brand in the UK this week- DELICIOUS (and vegan). Tried the hotdogs and chicken strips (although here they are beef strips) and highly recommend:

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  1. Thanks, will be on the lookout for these in my CA store. So far, my favorite veg hot dogs are the Yves brand, and I add veg chili--the Yves texture is just perfect, and until I told him, hubs didn't know they were vegetarian.

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    1. re: pine time

      I second the nod to Yves hot dogs. They're really terrific.

    2. I've recently tried a few of Morningstar's new products: both versions of their breakfast biscuits filled with "eggs", "cheese", and either "bacon" or "sausage", the chili, chik'n enchilada meal, and their sweet n' sour chik'n.

      biscuits: awesome! Both versions were tasty, but I like their sausage version better. Yumm, I've already stocked up with a few boxes.

      Chili: Also, very good. It's got both beans and some of their meat crumbles in it.

      Chik'n enchilada: Meh...It was ok. I wouldn't bother with those again.

      Sweet n' sour chik'n: Also, meh.

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      1. re: yummfood

        I have a wierd addiction to the Morningstar sausage patties... I know Boca's less exspensive, but its not the same,.

      2. I like the Tofurky Chipotle franks and the Field Roast Sausages, until I had to give up wheat that is. :( Whenever the local coop had the field roast sausages on sale, it was a sausage and pepper bonanza in my house!

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        1. re: adventuresinbaking

          How would you compare Tofurky sausages to Field Roast sausages? I've tried Tofurky products and have been satisfied (especially the Italian sausage) but I've heard good things about Field Roast products as well. Would you say one is better than the other?

        2. I love Follow your Heart vegan cheese for things like enchiladas and lasagna.

          1. Healthy top vegan whipping cream. Great! and no junk!

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            1. re: xcskier20

              I dont know if any of you live near a Kosher store, but if you do, be on the lookout for Tivall products from Israel- they do the best tasting veggie hot dogs and burgers I have EVER tried. Plus, they are completely dairy free (not sure about eggs), and if you cook them in the oven (either by themselves or as pigs in blankets), they are absolutely delicious.. Grew up eating them and have bemoaned the fact they werent available here- I used to bring them back with me by the suitcaseload, so I am thrilled they have arrived!