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Apr 8, 2011 06:20 AM

Pasta Beach!

Who's been? What's the skinny?
Did You Enjoy?

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  1. I went maybe a month-6 weeks ago. It was empty (we ate at 6ish on a rainy Sunday night and we were a group of 9, including three kids). Pizza was quite good. Salads were unremarkable. The best part of the meal was the app of cheese and meats we got - delicious! I have no idea about prices since my in-laws paid (win!). I would try it again... they were very warm and friendly and gracious about the kids.

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      Can you give any more details? What kind of cheese or meats were these, and were they any more remarkable than the unremarkable salads?

        1. re: CocoDan

          Sorry, my memory is not great.... definitely some prosciutto, maybe salumi.... I can't remember the cheeses at all, although I know a bit about cheese and was impressed at the time by the level of detail they were able to share with us when we asked. My MIL had the gnocchi which was very rich and delicious.

      1. I've been 3 times, and we've done take out once. We live right next door, so it's convenient.

        The pizza is pretty good Neapolitan style from a brick oven. In my opinion, it's slightly overpriced.
        Same goes for the pastas. In general, they're pretty good. We really enjoyed the dish with asparagus and pancetta. Pumpkin raviolis were also nice, but the brown butter sauce they came in lacked flavor. The papardelle bolognese was less successful to say the least. Portion sizes ranged from just right some nights, to enough food to feed a small army on others.

        It's amateur hour with the waitstaff. They struggle with simple tasks like opening a bottle of wine.