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Apr 8, 2011 05:55 AM

chinese close to Parsippany

looking for killer Chinese close to Parsippany, 30 minute drive is fine, prefer Szechuan but open to all chow recommendations. In town for funeral, unable to research, thanks for any help.

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  1. My condolences.

    Nearby is Chef Jon's and a little farther is Hunan Cottage, both of which are serving authentic foods of Shanghai.

    A little farther out is Chendgu 23 (NOT Chengdu 46), which serves knock-your-face-off Sichuan.

    Hunan Cottage
    14 US Highway 46, Fairfield, NJ 07004

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    1. re: tommy

      China Chalet in the center of Florham Park (in a plaza next to the Starbucks) does decent Sichuan and isn't too far from Parsippany.

      China Chalet
      184 Columbia Tpke, Florham Park, NJ 07932

      1. re: tommy

        I agree with Tommy about Hunan Cottage - a great place that has a wonderful Saturday/Sunday breakfast, too. From 10 to about 3 both days. Sweet soy pudding, dumplings, cruellers & soymilk, all kinds of appetizers, noodle dishes. Very good.

        Condolence here, too.

        Hunan Cottage
        14 US Highway 46, Fairfield, NJ 07004

        1. re: trBabs

          The issue I have with Hunan cottage is that you have to ask for the Chinese menu. And even when you do and express interest in their authentic cooking, the dopey servers will fight you and say 'you won't like that '.

          I've stopped going because of this. It's condescending and rude and ultimately leads to a sub-par experience. Contrasted with Chengdu 23, where they are thrilled that you want to eat their authentic cooking. Hunan Cottage can suck my hot air while I give my dollars to those businesses that appreciate my business.

          Hunan Cottage
          14 US Highway 46, Fairfield, NJ 07004

          1. re: tommy

            Try the weekend brunch - there's only one menu, as far as I know.....

            1. re: tommy

              Thinking more about this, I would imagine that the servers might have a lot of experience with people who go there and order something they DON'T like, and want to send it back; Route 46 (and actually the whole area) is for the most part a string of chain and fast-food restaurants. This is why it's really quite hard to find good food around here, too; the good places set up someplace else where people are actually looking for interesting food.

              Hunan is one place that actually does have authentic food (although it's "Hunan" only in name, as far as I can tell). I've never had any problems at all there; in fact they have always been almost over-friendly to me. Of course, I've gone pretty often with Chinese friends, and that could be the reason.

              1. re: tommy

                Actually, it's not. As I said above, it's never happened to me. Nobody's ever "acted like an ass" to me, or anything even close to that, anytime I've ever been there.

                So there are, in fact, other points of view on this matter. And I think people who read these boards - and are looking for recommendations - should know this, so I'm saying so. This area is for the most part a vast wasteland for good food, and I'm delighted to be able to point out something decent to people who ask.

                Of course, there's also the question as to whether what you're describing actually constitutes "acting like an ass." I don't think it does, personally; I'd just chalk it up to their experience - the point I mentioned above - and order whatever I liked, without taking it as a personal affront. But of course, for me eating out is just getting some decent food; I don't much care whether the waiters like me personally or whether they act in a particular way.

                YMMV, of course, and obviously does. It would just be a shame if people thought that your viewpoint was the only one, because it actually isn't.

                1. re: trBabs

                  "Of course, I've gone pretty often with Chinese friends, and that could be the reason."


                  And you obviously missed part of my point: they have flat our refused to give me what I ask for. If this is part of "their experience" then they can keep it.

                  I've been involved in many discussions over eh last 12 or so years on this place. They are known for being hostile to non-asians.

                  1. re: tommy

                    I don't think I "missed" anything; this is the first time you've said they refused to give you something. Before, they were only "fighting" you. I can only react to what you actually say.

                    I would think refusing to serve you would be illegal, and perhaps legally actionable. And then of course I would also wonder why you'd recommend such a place to anybody to begin with.

                    I've never seen people there be "hostile to non-Asians." I've gone quite often with "non-Asians" and the service has never been any different. And at least some of the servers are Hispanic anyway!

                    Listen, if you don't like the place, it's no skin off my nose; I don't care. I do care that other people might be turned off by what I think is a totally inaccurate description of the place. Perhaps the place was once hostile and is no longer; perhaps this is your particular subjective impression. Whatever the case, your experience simply doesn't match up with mine. In other words, your "facts" aren't facts at all, to me.

                      1. re: trBabs

                        Tommy hardly needs anyone to back him up, but those of us who have been on numerous food boards for years have all read about the attitude at this restaurant. When a customer asks for the 'other' menu and is REFUSED, that's a problem. And he's certainly not the only one to have reported this.

            2. re: tommy

              Absolutely agree that Chengdu 23 is the place to go if you want authentic Sichuan!

            3. Two places right on Route 46. Noodle Chu and Qin Dynasty. While both are not Sichuan, they will have Sichuan dishes available. Both have Dim Sum you can order at anytime, if not mistaken. Qin Dynasty specializes in Seafood. There's also Chef 81, but I have not been to since the ownership change last year, so I cannot vouch for their quality today.

              I used to frequent Chef Jon's regularly with business clients in the area. It's better on the weekends, rather than mid-week, as many things on the menu are not available.

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              1. re: fourunder

                Qin Dynasty is another of my Singaporean Chinese (can you say food-obsessed) hairdresser's favorite places in NJ. He says it's one of the best Cantonese places he knows of in the area, including NYC (his shop is in NYC and he's a recent transplant to NJ).

                1. re: buttertart

                  Qin Dynasty has a pretty good cart service Dim Sum on the weekends. Get there after Noon and expect to wait an hour for a table. The selection is good and the quality is much like Chinatown. The way I see it, saving gas, tolls and parking.....the first $50 is like eating free food.

                  My friend who lives in Parsippany prefers Noodle Chu, but what does he know.

              2. Mr. Chu on Rt 10 in E. Hanover is good and not too far out of your way. Hunan on Speedwell Ave. in Morris Plains is also quite good - plus they have a liquor license.

                1. Hunan Taste in Denville

                  Mr. Chu in Hanover (byob


                  (recently went to Hunan in Morris Plains...much prefer Mr. Chu)

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                  1. re: Pam in NJ

                    Make that 2 votes for Hunan Taste. Best Chinese I've had in NJ, although I haven't tried Qin Dynasty....yet! :)