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Apr 8, 2011 05:41 AM

Hot Vegetarian News!

When I was in London (see prior post) I discovered Fry's Vegetarian Foods, and wondered if it would ever be available here. I did a cursory search and discovered this range is indeed available here. If you are looking for veggie PAREV products check them out. I particularly liked the chicken style pieces.
(BTW- the Kashrut certificate is South African, but please note the coated products are not mehadrin.)

hashgacha check here:

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  1. They look good, but I wish they had a lower fat version of their products.

    1. Where did you find these in the States?

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      1. re: maga

        I did not find them in th States in a store. I had them in London. BUT, they are sold online through the above link (go to store) on their website. All I tried were beef/ chicken pieces (only beef is available here) and the hot dogs.