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$100 for $400 worth of organic and naturally raised meat from The Butchers, inclusive of a $50 credit to the opening of Marlin's Fish Shop. Don't miss The Butchers 10th Anniversary, Deal of the Century!

I had to make a separate thread for this amazing "Deal of the Century" which arrived in my inbox today as I'm sure that some of you don't even read the other "Butchers" threads. This great deal deserves it's own thread, so here it is!

You can buy as many coupons as you want, there is no limit! Now is your chance to buy coupons for all the meat you can eat in a year!



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  1. People who buy into this deal, with all the info thats out there already about the Butchers, deserve no sympathy when they later come on here to complain. Plain and simple.

    1. Folks, as with the other thread about The Butchers coupon deal, we ask that the discussion stay focused on actual experiences with redeeming the coupon. Speculation about business practices will be removed.

      1. So many of us have: 1) had problems with this store 2) problems with the quality (and trustworthyness of the type of meat -natural, organic or just pricey conventional? 3) problems with terms of availability of meats and limits on WHAT store products you're allowed to buy 4) and in my case, how dirty and empty the store was when I visited.

        It is both surprising and disappointing that WebPiggy would repeat another offer from these guys! It just looks like a "cash grab" by a floundering business. Those prices are not reflective of the "costs of goods" if those goods are as advertised (natural, organic). I certainly don't trust them!

        WebPiggy at least did respond to my complaint to my satisfaction and I've now enjoyed other deals/services with reputable businesses through WebPiggy.

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        1. re: poshnoshtoronto

          This is on their website this morning:

          "We have been asked by many people why we continue to do these voucher deals. We agreed to do a specific # of deals and signed contracts so we are under contractual obligation. Once these contracts have been fulfilled we will no longer take part in these vouchers deals."

          So, how come another deal?

          1. re: Helen

            Isn't it clear? They are saying that they have not fulfilled the contract they signed up for yet. I wonder why they even signed up for whatever they did.

            1. re: foodyDudey

              Sorry, but reading this surely this is a new deal? If I'm wrong, then I apologise:)

              1. re: Helen

                It's a new deal, but it appears they are running it because they have some contract to run a certain number of those deals on Webpiggy and they have not run them all yet. That must mean the deal of the millenium is yet to come.

            2. re: Helen

              I CHer or RFDer mentioned they overheard staff telling a customer a few weeks ago that "just wait, there is another amazing deal coming out" or something to that effect so they must have known this deal was in the pipeline for a while. At least customers buying this deal know it is a 5 day wait to order meat and they can only go Tuesday to Friday.

              As per what the CH Team mentioned ealier, my personal experience was "okay" but the meat pricing has gone up significantly since pre-deals and in my personal opinion the deal isn't worth taking the risk.

              As for their product, their bacon was just okay, no better than what I have had from any other butcher. Their NY Striploin was okay but the steaks were cut inconsistently and not worth the premium price.

              As they say, "if it looks too good to be true"...

              EDIT: They also added a line that a portion of the proceeds will go to support the Cancer Society. Why don't they say how much per voucher? Like $1, $5, ?

          2. I am extremely disappointed with Webpiggy for running this "deal". Shame on them. Shame.

            1. I bought one. I've enjoyed the product from The Butchers, I never had an issue using my coupons, the people are nice (if obviously somewhat overwhelmed), and the prices are clearly listed here: http://www.webpiggy.com/images/thebut...

              I'm not going to buy like ten of these because it is a trek for me to go there, and what I'll probably be doing is going for 8am on a weekday before work when they are fully stocked, running home and throwing it in the fridge, then when I get home breaking it all down, vacuum sealing, and stuffing into my poor beleaguered freezer. It's a hassle, but 75% off for good meat is worth it.

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              1. re: childofthestorm

                If they offered a deal thats 300$ for 1000$ worth of meat, would you buy it? Whats the limit for people purchasing these before an eyebrow is raised?

                1. re: 00CP

                  If you buy 3 of this current deal you'd be getting $1200 of meat for $300 :-) They said no limit (other than the limits of 1-their meat supply 2-their hours 3-their willingness to serve customers, all of which seem to shrink weekly)

                  1. re: 00CP

                    Why should my eyebrow be raised exactly? I've been eating their stuff off on on for the last 3 months and it's good, and when the deal is applied, sold at a very good price. They've always been very nice, even finding a whole chicken in the back for me when they were sold out at 4pm because my toddler girl "looked like she wants chicken for dinner." There are minor annoyances, I would obviously rather not wake up early and schlep over there for when they open on a weekday, but the value makes it worth it.

                    They want to run their business this way, emphasizing volume and hoping that people spend an extra $20 here and there (which I have on occasion), that's their choice. If it works for them, great. Some people will like it and some people will not, like any business. There are certainly ample dramatic tales of woe from coupon purchasers available on the internet when people are doing their research and making their decision.

                    1. re: childofthestorm

                      cots, and fd, I'm with you on this one. As I have previously stated, I've been a happy customer of The Butcher's for a couple of years. The 'deals' were an ever-improving opportunity for me to buy their products at a significant saving. I, like you, am willing to put up with the (minor) annoyances in order to obtain these superior products at an amazing price.

                      Of course the negative voices are extremely loud on this board, and they have every right to voice their concerns. We, on the other hand, prefer to make the best of the situation, I guess--the meat counter is half-full for some of us.

                2. Well, the concept is a good one I suppose. With enough advance sales they can have a lot of buying power with their supplier. The problem is similar to a restaurant that is too popular, you just can't bus the tables fast enough to suit the need. I see that someone commented in the mainstream about this place as well. http://www.moneyville.ca/blog/post/96...
                  Let's hope the concept works in the end because we all might be able to benefit.

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                  1. re: Poorboy

                    For me, the product was REALLY good. It tasted clean and less metallic than getting meat from a non-organic supplier. But that's all I got. That's all I can go by is my untrained palette! I did have a negative experience where my order was lost. As well, their selection is poor. I do question who their suppliers are but the meat seems to very good. Their chickens are whole and prepackaged from an organic supplier. We can only assume it is what they say it is. Only staff know the real truth.

                    1. re: Poorboy

                      My question to anyone who says they've been buying from The Butchers for years. Whats your opinion on the pricing?

                      I've now been four times and will explain my personal experiences with The Butchers.

                      I purchased once from the Butchers when the first deal came out. I only bought two steaks and 2 sausages, to see if the deal would be worth it. The meat was great, the pricing was decent, the service was great. Very friendly and helpful staff. I had to jump on some of these deals.

                      I bought the Dealgetters deal, and used it the first day I could. Again great service, decent pricing, overall a great experience. Later I bought a deal from one of the other companies.

                      My third visit, upon entering the store I was greeted to a fight between a customer and one of the workers. Now the customer could have been more at fault here, I know some people have been less then understanding with The Butchers. But it wasn't very welcoming to me regardless. I got the exact same order as my previous visit, weights of the meat and everything. Price went from $95 to $130. The beef tenderloin I bought from my previous order, that I bought with a few other items now cost $90 on its own! The service wasn't nearly as good as before, they didn't seem pleased to have to answer my questions or help me. But maybe this could have been because they were angry at the previous customer still.

                      My fourth visit I had a few issues. I had e-mailed about some cuts. The cuts were to be available When I arrived I was informed they don't make that cut and can't provide it(they are a butchers aren't they? I can buy this cut at any of my local butchers a bit closer to me) Fine. So I tried purchasing based on some other information they agreed to in my e-mail. They weren't going to uphold what they had told me in my e-mail. They ended up sorting it out, but they didn't seem to pleased, and one of the butchers in the back gave me a very obvious upset look. But I was on my way with my product.

                      The way the meat was prepared in my first few visits to my last couple it doesn't seem the butchers are taking the care they once use to. Nothing huge to complaint about there, but thought it worth mentioning as overall the service quality has seemed to decline every since my first visits.

                      Each time I was personally very pleasant, when they told me they couldn't uphold what I was previous told I simple said, so and so informed me it would be ok via e-mail. I didn't fight with them, just informed them of this. We didn't fight over this anything further, there was just some huffing and such from a few of the employees and they eventually worked it out.

                      With all that said, this new deal...is it worth it? It could be, but with them selling another 3000 of these vouchers I can't seem things getting better anytime soon. There are some good deals to be had, it would just have been much more pleasant if they could at least have kept of their service level. I believe the majority of people will have ok experience with this deal, some are going to get upset and issues will be caused on both sides and a few will have a wonderful experience.

                      1. re: MKG83

                        It's expensive, no doubt, although I've certainly paid around the same prices at Oliffe or the Healthy Butcher. Not sure if I would buy tenderloin from them - especially when I can just get a whole non-organic AAA tenderloin from Costco at a fraction of the cost and just cut it myself.

                        Looking at their price list from Webpiggy, I plan accordingly. $6.99 a pound for whole organic chicken - Healthy Butcher is $4.99 a pound, I think, so when you apply a 75% coupon discount at Butchers, that chicken becomes a very good deal. So I buy 3 or 4, break them down and fire up the FoodSaver. The beef skirt steak at $11.99 a pound is a great deal, I just paid $16.99 a pound at the Healthy Butcher two weeks ago (I visibly winced, but I was in a rush and needed skirt). Now, I imagine I will need to reserve skirt in advance from the Butchers, another pain, but if I'm getting it at $3/pound after the discount, it's so worth it.

                        I can't speak to any service issues, as they've always been nice to me, but then I've showed up early and just bought what's available. I will certainly report back if I hit any static - I'm not a fanboy, I'm just really cheap.

                        1. re: childofthestorm

                          #1 No skirt steak, they wouldn't even let me pre-order this by e-mail. Its on their price list but told me its not available. Along with another steak cut I asked for(That wasn't on their price list.) They are a butcher, they should be able to accommodate this, especially if I give them four days notice.

                          #2 Price lists are now posted. But this doesn't make it any less shaddy that prices jumped about 30% between two visits. Especially for those who bought vouchers before prices were available. Price lists were posted after a lot of complaining about pricing went on, and people started keeping track of their pricing online. This can be found on another site. Interesting read as people were reporting different prices for the same cuts of meat.

                          #3 Yes, tenderloin is not the most cost effective thing to purchase. I rarely purchase tenderloin, period. But a family member loves tenderloin, so I'll cook it when we have her home for dinner. The nice advantage to buying this at a butcher over costco is having it cut and prepped for me, so if I don't have time its all ready to be cooked.

                        2. re: MKG83

                          Weg Piggy is offering it again today :):)

                      2. Just read that Sean O'Shea of Global Tv did a news report on them tonight and from the sounds of it , it was favourable in nature. He posted the webpiggy deal on his twitter even. He posted comments about the company in the thread on RFD too.