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Apr 8, 2011 04:56 AM

What to do with the chicken meat?

My mother now has boiled chicken meat from the 8 chickens she used to make chicken soup. We usually just end up throwing it out (and making come chicken salad). Any TNT suggestions?

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  1. we never use whole chicken pieces. Don't they sell raw chicken bones by your butcher? They usually have bones from the de-boning for chicken cutlets. Chicken soup flavor comes from the bones not the meat.

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    1. re: berel

      You throw it out? What a shanda. There are so many things to do:

      Chicken salad, of course
      Make quesadillas with pareve cheese
      A quick pan fry with a little olive oil and any seasoning
      Shred it for pulled meat sandwiches
      etc. etc.

      1. re: DeisCane

        huh, when did I say I throw "it" out? I said we just use chicken bones

        1. re: berel

          I think maybe the "throw it out" comment was in reply to the OP - just a guess :)

          To the OP - I would save the chicken for salad and sandwiches. I'd package it up in amounts of a cup or so and freeze them, and take them out for soups, pasta sauces, crepe fillings, pie fillings, pizza toppings - there are so many things you could do!

          Failing all of that, I'd add it to the dogs' food. I'm sure they'd greatly appreciate it.

    2. shred some for fajitas? After shredding, saute up some veggies, mix in the shredded chicken, season liberally with your favorite Mexican spices, and place in a tortilla.

      Not sure what else to do with it, either.

      p.s., what's TNT short for?

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        1. re: vallevin

          Thanks. I'll have to remember that for the future.

          1. re: vallevin

            lol - my guess was TNT = dynamite!
            But it was only a guess.
            Both are positive :)

        2. I also generally try to buy the packages of chicken bones for soup, only putting in a few meaty pieces in order to have a bit of chicken to serve with the soup. Sometimes, if bones aren't available, I'll debone my own chicken, and freeze the meat as cutlets. That said:
          Spring roll filling
          Chicken pot pie
          Mixed with green salad for a work lunch
          Chicken croquettes

          1. My dogs love them <VBG>

            Stir fry
            Chicken/mushroom noodle kugel
            Shredded in BBQ sauce on buns

            1. I make a Pesach dish with leftover chicken and chicken soup that I put together like lasagna but tastes like stuffing.

              Make layers of matza, cooked celery and onions, cut up cooked chicken. Might have some egg in it somewhere, I can't remember. Dump a cup or two of the leftover chicken soup on top and bake the whole thing until it looks like it's done.

              It's not gourmet but my crew seems to like it.