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Jan 23, 2006 11:10 PM

cafe blanc in o.c.?

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anyone know of this place? i heard about it, but is it a restaurant or bakery? is it any good?

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    Patisserie w/ gelato. Can't say if it's any good, but I'm planning to find out this weekend. =)

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    1. re: bottomlesspit
      stormin norman

      Where is it located?

      1. re: stormin norman

        Cafe Blanc
        298 E. 17th Street Unit B
        Costa Mesa, CA 92627
        (949) 631-9999

        If you go before the weekend, you must report back!

    2. Any more current reports on Cafe Blanc?

      1. I go there on occasion when I know my wife is going to be making a fancy dinner for me. They have yet to dissapoint. The dessert are gorgeous as well as delicious. I like them because they are not overly sweet.

        Do not go there expecting cookies and cupcakes.

        1. You should try their mousse desserts. My husband tried their citrus cake and it was dry. They have good intense gelato also.

          1. I have been there 3 times and their pastries are little works of art as well as very delicious if you like not overly sweet desserts. They open at 12 noon which is the only thing I don't like but other than that...they are my 2nd choice for best desserts from a bakery/pastry place.

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                i luv their panna cotta. it has coconut on top tho. he usually serves with a small scoop of rasberry gelato that complements it really well.

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                  Zov's in Tustin has the best desserts.