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Apr 7, 2011 05:35 PM

Whole Foods deceptive pricing?

Our local WF today had fresh, wild-caught Alaskan halibut for about $22/lb. Out of our price range, but right next to it were smaller halibut fillets, labeled "Wild halibut, previously frozen, 6-7oz fillets, $9.89."

Great, I asked for two pieces, just enough for two of us for dinner tonight. The price on the package he handed me was $19. It turns out, it was $9.89 per piece, not per pound. I handed the package right back, we'll have something else for dinner tonight.

Anyone else find this practice kind of sneaky? I'll add that we stopped to check - every other thing in the case is priced per pound. And BTW, if the individual pieces are 6-7 ounces, but each piece costs the same, obviously the per-pound price varies depending on which piece you're given.

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  1. They aren't the only entity doing this, but I did almost get confused by it. I thought "wow, what a great price", but at the last minute caught the "per portion" adjective.

    1. I noticed a similar discrepancy recently. Net bags of fingerling potatoes, with a sign reading $1.98 lb". No weight label on the bag, but they wer 2 lb bags. Not a big deal, but i felt like it was intentionally unclear.

      1. Not sure that I agree it's deceptive (it's not as if you can't see what you're being charged before you pay for it) but it's in line with other store's practices. The more egregious ones are the deli counters where certain items are priced per pound and others have tags with tiny print indicating "per 1/2 lb". Always best to ask.

        1. i don't think it is at all sneaky.

          1. I see that regularly at all groceries. Don't find it to be deceptive at all.