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Apr 7, 2011 04:40 PM

Las Vegas StrEATS Fest, #2

Those that want a chance to sample a lot of the emerging Food Truck scene get another prime opportunity this weekend - the first StrEATS Fest went so well that they are going to do it again. It will take place from 6 PM until 2 AM (or until the food runs out) on Saturday night (April 9), adjacent to the El Cortez Hotel downtown. Among the trucks that will be there are Food Slingers, Fukuburger, Haulin Balls, Muncheeze, Slidin' thru, Sloppi Jo's, TastyBunz and The Cheesesteak Truck. There will also be bar service, and live entertainment.

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  1. Was anybody at the first one? If so how was it? I'd like to go down but don't want to fight for parking or stand in line forever to get some grub. Just wondering if they have all the logistics worked out.

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    1. re: curiouscook

      This news story:

      ... states that over 1000 people attended, many had to wait almost two hours for food yet NOBODY complained.

      Yeah. Right.

      1. re: shamu613

        Heh. I read that article, and that did sound pretty implausible. I'm not about to wait in long lines for anything.

        1. re: Steve Green

          Where are the food trucks normally located? Will be visiting, love the foodcart culture.

          1. re: cleopatra999

            The linked article in shamu613's post starts with that info -- it's in front of the El Cortez.

            1. re: Steve Green

              Sorry, cleopatra999, that didn't answer your question. As far as I can tell from their individual sites (see below), there are no consistent schedules or "normal" locations -- some show up outside nightclubs, various work locations, etc. There may be one or two showing up at the business Costco on MLK (there was a food truck festival there recently -- wish I'd known!), and the Hanshik Taco site mentions a "Food Court of Las Vegas" at 7421 W. Lake Mead -- by Lee's between Tenaya and Buffalo, but there are only a couple of other trucks listed.

              So anyway, I've listed some of the Vegas food trucks below. Let's start with the ones mentioned in the article that will be by the ElCo tonight:

              More Vegas food trucks:

              If anyone can figure out the regular gathering places, please speak up! Also, I don’t claim this to be a complete list – feel free to chime in, anyone.

              1. re: Steve Green

                Thanks Steve, can anyone suggest a 'not to miss' truck, maybe worth a short cab trip for? staying on strip with no car. I will keep this handy and check schedules closer to the trip