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Apr 7, 2011 04:35 PM

Kosher wine in NH seacoast

Hi All

Can anyone recommend a place that stocks a good selection of kosher wine for passonver in the NH Seacoast? Anything but manishewitz (blech). LOL.

Also, if anyone knows of a place in the area that sells Coopers beer (Australian beer thats kosher) would be good to know!

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  1. Check the NH liquor outlet on the traffic circle in Portsmouth. If you strike out, the one in Nashua always has a good selection of kosher wines around this time.

    1. Here's the NH Wine Outlet Kosher wine list:

      You can then locate the wine at any of the state stores. They seem to only offer from one vineyard out of Napa Valley, Hagafen.

      Here's what I got after searching "Kosher":

      I hear you on the Manishewitz! good luck and enjoy your Passover!

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      1. re: solargarlic

        Thanks for the info! My bad.. I walked into the Wine Outlet in Dover and was disappointed. had no idea each outlet stocked different wine selections..

        1. re: minibrings

          Yeah, it's kind of crazy, I don't know how they choose which one stocks what...I also haven't found the staff to be to helpful in finding what is not carried at the particular location, but I'm sure that depends on which store you are in.