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Apr 7, 2011 03:59 PM

Going to Key you have any recommendations for me?

Hellooo Florida board-
I'll be in Key West for the first time in early May for 5 days with three friends. We're not going to be doing any fine dining but I'm wondering what you can suggest for bakeries, key lime pie, cuban sandwiches and anything else.

thanks in advance!!

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  1. Bump to the top. Anyone???

    1. My husband and I just had the BEST (goat cheese) stuffed dates wrapped in prosciutto (and sauteed) at a place called Santiago's Bodega. They call it a tapas place, but it's really just tasting menu/small sized items. The red sangria is a little too fruity, but tastes good. If you are a sangria aficionado (like me) you'll think it needs more wine, but otherwise it's fine- you can have a whole pitcher (recommended since the glass costs $6 and the pitcher $24) and just get a nice, light buzz. We also had the tenderloin (delicious!) and the fried cheese (slightly overrated). The place is overall good and I will return as long as they have the dates on the menu.
      For ANY meal, head over to Sarabeth's. (They have several locations in New York.) The service was GREAT!!!!! The food was SPECTACULAR!!!!!! We had such a great experience, we returned the next day. I recommend the lemon-ricotta pancakes and the pink shrimp and smoked mozzarella omelette. OMG, ALL SO GOOD!!! The price was not bad either.

      Santiago's Bodega
      207 Petronia St, Key West, FL 33040

      530 Simonton St, Key West, FL 33040

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        ooh. I had no idea that Sarabeth's was the same as the great place in NYC (that I've yet to try). Thanks for the recs....Santiago's sounds perfect for us (though we're not much for sangria). I will surely report back on our eating adventures (as a are all about the food, right?)
        thanks again!

        530 Simonton St, Key West, FL 33040

      2. For Cuban sandwiches I would recommend either Sandy's over on White Street or Cuban Coffee Queen on Margaret Street. Neither place is a dine inside place. You can either sit on the benches, take it with you, or in the case of the Cuban Coffee Queen walk a short distance and eat it overlooking the water by the docks. Both have good Cuban sandwiches and Cuban coffee. Sandy's is open 24 hours a day.

        Totally off that subject, but if you're into craft or microbrew beers (or wine) definitely stop by The Porch. It's in the Porter Mansion over on Caroline Street across (across Caroline) from The Bull. The only place I know of in Key West with a good selection of good beers. You can get all the big package breweries at the bars, but The Porch carries the high quality brews. And the owners are great.

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        1. re: kempshark

          Thanks! We adore fine beers and the Porch sounds up our does the Cuban sammy rec.

          1. re: masha bousha

            You might want to check out this short article on The Porch and the video interview with one of the owners. Great place to hang out and try some good beer. A nice break from the loud party bars.


        2. I always hit up a place called El Siboney and get the Vaca Frita and a cafe con leche. It's shredded beef that is fried crispy with onions, and it has tons of flavor. I always go there because I've been bured by so many other places. Most of the places I've been to in the Key's have high prices and bad food...considering most people that visit are there and then gone, they can get away with it.

          900 Catherine St, Key West, FL 33040

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            I've always loved El Siboney also. I heard it changed owners recently (last 6-12 months). Have you been there recently? I'm just hoping it is just as good as it has always been. Been going there for years myself.

            900 Catherine St, Key West, FL 33040

          2. UPDATE on my trip!
            Thanks to everyone who replied to my post. Here's where we went:
            Willie T's on Duval for a quick lunch and mojitos. Simple as it sounds three of the four of us had the same thing: BLT wrap which was fantastic. Crumbled bacon made all of the difference.

            Sandys! We got the Cuban Mix sammies. They were fantastic. Just a wonderful array of flavor. Had I had more time (and stomach room) I would've loved to try just a pork sammy there. The pork was the highlight of the mix one.

            Schooner Wharf Bar-I adored this place. Great location, live music, sassy waiter and good food. I tried the fish taco (more of a burrito but excellent), the shrimp and chips (panko coating, very fresh...loved it) and the smoked fish dip.

            Sarabeths-I was expecting to be wowed by the Lemon Ricotta pancakes and while they were really tasty, they could've been more lemony. The waitress was super sassy and we loved her for that. What a cozy and wonderful place.

            Bar-wise we only hit a few (hey, we're not young-uns!). We got a rec from a friend for the Green Parrot. We loved this place. Open air, divey, and the root beer barrels (shots of light beer with a shot of root beer schnapps in it) were yummers. We also hit Pearl's Patio for a happy hour and we were about the only folks there (but the drinks were cheap and it was wonderfully shaded in the bar).

            Green Parrot Bar
            601 Whitehead St, Key West, FL 33040

            Willie T's
            525 Duval St, Key West, FL 33040