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Apr 7, 2011 03:28 PM

Seattle Chef Lou Kohl

This week's Seattle Weekly featured an article on Chef Lou Kohl and his unique approach to cooking and dining. I don't think the article is going to set well with local foodies. I could be wrong, but I think not. What do Seattle hounds think?

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    After March 31, comes.....

    1. I don't think I've heard of this guy, Leper. Where does he cook?

      1. Definitely an April 1st expose.

        1. Breathlessly awaiting his next move, as we always do. The man is a legend, titan, a thing to behold. Do not sleep until you consume his food. Seek him out relentlessly! Do not allow yourself to be dissuaded, ask at every local eatery how you can get a chance to sample the transcendental experience that is his food. Bow before him! YOU ARE NOT WORTHY!!!

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          1. re: AndrewS

            . . . and don't forget to share the locally produced cocaine.

          2. The article sounded like a description of a horror film...people who attend the dirt farm 'diner' sure have some big bull balls.