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Apr 7, 2011 03:25 PM

Locally Grown Potatoes Locally Grown Pinto Beans

Looking to purchase potatoes grown on Texas soil as well as pinto beans grown in the great state as well.

I know a lot of y'all prowl the farmer's markets hereabouts and I need a good connection for both items [and plenty of each-wheel barrow loads actually]

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  1. There aren't beans grown anywhere near Austin. I know it makes no sense. The closest thing to beans we have is a small harvest of cow peas.

    I've gotten potatoes in Austin, though I don't know if you could find them now. You might call the Sustainable Food Center. They'll know what's available.

    1. I'm not sure about beans, but I know that Johnson's Backyard Garden grows potatoes both in the spring and the fall. I know because I volunteered there on harvest day and ended up hauling crate after crate of heirlooms for half a day.
      It doesn't appear that they're ready yet, but you should call them and see what kind of deal you can cut for bulk. Try to talk to Brenton directly, as he's the guy that will be making the decision anyway (call after lunch, as he is working in the mornings).

      1. I picked up some little gold potatoes yesterday from JBG at the Triangle farmers market. They were $4/lb. The sign said they were hand dug the day before. I haven't tried them yet, but they look delicious - thin, smooth skins, and some with stems still attached that didn't show any signs of shrivel - FRESH!

        1. Scrumptious,

          If you were to get any pinto beans they would be last years crop. Most pintos are harvested late summer/early fall. That is not so there might be a rogue garderner. Since I know you are filled with great information I would like to return the favor.

          For your reference here is Texas A&M Spring and Fall Planting Guide respectively:

          Also a Home Gardening Guide:

          More local to you Travis County Ag Extension Planting Guides:

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            thanks lewisvillehounder, I figured with all the emphasis being put on local this n that that procuring Texas pintos, Texas potatoes, Texas grits and Texas brisket would be a snap.

            There is some availability by and large but the price point is often so high that it makes the end pricing on the high side.

            It's also been a little disheartening talking to my normal purveyors regarding where they're sourcing their goods.

            Almost nothing comes from Texas. Vegetables are typically from Mexico, beef is from Kansas, pork from Colorado, potatoes from the upper midwest.

            I thought with all the vast beef operations and enormous farms in the Valley that at least a little bit of what we produce would make it's way to the Austin area.