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Apr 7, 2011 01:53 PM

Marlton Farmers Market: anyone been there yet?

Drove by here on my way to Trader Joes. It's in the old space where Franks Garden Center was; down from the Canal's. It opened last month. Here's a link to an article; just wondering if there was any positive/neg feedback on it.

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  1. What a great idea. I might have to check it out next week...I had often thought the space in Cherry HIll on 70 in the old National Warehouse building would benefit from a similar idea. After visiting NYC's Chelsea Market yesterday, I long for a foodie destination in this area.

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      Please post back if you do go. I'm very curious about the fresh seafood in particular. You're righ the Old National Warehouse bldg would be a great location for a farmers mkt!

    2. Ok...This is a merchant taking liberty with the `farmers market` name. Sure they have produce & the like,but this is a 1 owner merchant that operates several otehr like stores up nnj/ny. Isn`t a farmers market supposed to be a co-op of sorts wherein individual farmers/tradesman would get togetehr under 1 roof or lot and sell their wares? Or some farmers markets are the actual market on the farm.While this merchant may have something going on it is hardly a `farmers market` in teh sense of the word.PS= I am at the NJ shore and organize foodie day trips to REAL farmers markets,ethnic groeeries/neighborhoods and the like trying to get a group togethr to carpool for this type of thing

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        RapiNJ - You are right - the name Farmers Market is a misnomer. Putting that aside, I have found it to be a convenient place - especially for fish. We have gotten whole bronzini from there which cooked up beutifully and this afternoon just got some Tuna that is going on a flat top then into a salad.
        The fruits and vegetables are nice and I have spoken to the owner about seeing more organics. He indicated that when local is available he will bring more in. The appeal to me is that I don't have to buy the large quantities of a Produce Junction.
        The rest of the market is really more of a traditional small supermarket and doesn't really fill any need of mine.
        For "IndigoOnThe Go"s comment above - it is definately NOT a foodie destination but another resource for local shopping.

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          Despite hearing negative opinions from friends about this place, I went yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised. I'm VERY picky about fruit. I can't stand ShopRite's produce and usually go to Wegman's. The fruits and vegetables here ranged from perfect to almost rotten. The grapes & peppers, for example, were perfect but the plums & nectarines were shriveled and bruised. I haven't tried everything I bought yet, but the strawberries and cantaloupe didn't have much flavor. They had a wide variety of produce, some unusual things too. Seafood department was clean, well stocked and looked fresh. Same for the deli section. Very limited dairy section. The grocery part reminded me of Bottom Dollar. Prices were mostly higher than ShopRite for regular boxed & packaged items, but they had some good specials.

          It's not fancy AT ALL. It's like a Produce Junction, Korean Market , Bottom Dollar hybrid.