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Apr 7, 2011 12:35 PM

Gulfstream Village Park in Hallandale -- any good eats?

I'm heading to Gulfstream Village and wanted to hit up a restaurant (non-chain). Is there anything good?

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  1. I don't think there's anything in there that isn't a chain. If you find anything worthwhile, please let us know! Right down the street on Hallendale Beach Blvd. is Il Mercado which is not a chain and is very good.

      1. I get the Spicy Tuna Roll at the Yardhouse, along with a few of their finer beverages. It's not what you think- it's this raw tuna cylinder (about the size of two cat food cans) with soy beans and shredded nori that's loaded full of chili/wasabi goodness. Yum!

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        1. re: dbarnard

          I agree on that Tuna Roll. It's an app that's almost enough for a meal for two. And if you happen to go at Happy Hour, it's on special and a ridiculous good deal.

          1. re: dbarnard

            Follow up on that Spicy Tuna Roll...
            Went in a couple weeks ago, and the STR was more like the contents of the cat food cans than the size of them. Very little fish, more soy beans, a soggy mess. Very disappointing!

          2. I think pilches is right about everything being a chain. That's just the nature of that type of entertainment and dining complex. However, I really like Brio. I haven't been to that location, but the one in Pembroke Pines has always been very good.

            1. Thanks for the suggestions. I ended up trying Brio. My God, the food there is unbelievably bad. I cannot understand how crowded that place gets. Why? Why?!
              I gasped when they brought out a trough of carpaccio, nearly larger than the table. Ha! The sauces are prison-quality and the red wine was served boiling hot. And the risotto, forget it! How they can call that dish risotto is beyond me.
              But hey, at least the Gulfstream is pulling in a bit of business.

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              1. re: docjlo

                I haven't been to that particular one, but I refer to Brio as the Italian version of Cheesecake Factory - and I do not mean that as a compliment.

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                  I have an Iron cast stomach but before I stopped myself from being dragged there by friends I would always suffer from monumental gas pains. Under no exceptions would I go back....Best food there way overpriced unless you are being comped Christina Lees but nothing really competing foodwise. Only place I disagree is Chapultepec have not eaten there in about 6 years but was not impressed. Do not remember eating their Tacos ...will have to go back.