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Apr 7, 2011 12:16 PM

Self-Rising Flour

I have 2 5lb bags of White Lily Self Rising Flour purchased for a beer bread project that we have grown weary of...and am now in search of the best use for self rising flour.
I would appreciate your best recipes/uses where you use self rising flour instead of all purpose.

Thanks !

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    1. Makes a great tempura batter.

      1. It is just a mix of flour, baking powder and salt. Since it is the White Lily brand, the flour might be softer than a GM or Pilsbury AP, and work better for biscuits.

        1. It will take you forever to go through 10 lbs of flour making tempura, or even biscuits (unless you have a really big family that likes biscuits). Self rising flour is unbleached, I think (feel free to correct me if yours is not) and doesn't taste as good as unbleached anyway. So make playthings:

          It's baked at a pretty low temperature but I don't know if the baking powder will screw things up. But you want to get rid of the stuff, right?

          1. My understanding is that it's more of a staple ingredient in the UK than in the US, but there it's called "self-raising flour" instead of "self-rising flour". So if you are searching the internet for recipes, you might try including the British spelling in your searches.